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This type of psoriasis is dangerous, especially withpsychological standpoint. Eruptions on the face are not infectious in nature, but the cause Elokim mit Psoriasis other people a sense of danger. A sick person feels uncomfortable, avoid companies that no longer communicate. There are problems with the work and personal life - all this brings suffering, it leads to depression.

While in other cases, the symptoms can be hidden under clothing, it is all in the mind. But it has its advantages. Psoriasis on the face faster cure due to air and sun. It is important to seek help from Elokim mit Psoriasis dermatologist.

The causes of the disease Doctors are given the matter a long time, butunequivocal answer is not found. Some blame the disease ecology, others find the cause of heredity - both true. Elokim mit Psoriasis may occur after administration of drugs.

Causes of skin disorders may include: It begins psoriasis, or psoriasis, with spots in small areas of the skin. Then there are the small Elokim mit Psoriasis point that increase in size - are formed papules. Red inflammation on his face grow rapidly, covered with silvery scales, begin to peel off, causing itching. At the first sign of the disease psoriasis is best to consult a dermatologist.

The disease Elokim mit Psoriasis serious and requires a professional approach. Stages of the disease this web page its symptoms Psoriasis is developing rapidly. Papules grow, start to capture a larger surface, form plaque on the face. Stay foci on the eyebrows, in the nasolabial part.

Sometimes covering Elokim mit Psoriasis eyelid, lip, oral mucosa and tongue. Along with the usual view, developing seborrheic psoriasis. It is localized in the sebaceous glands, most often behind the ears, on the forehead, around the scalp of the head, together with the allocation of papules Elokim mit Psoriasis yellow crusts. At different points in the development Elokim mit Psoriasis psoriasis on the face of the external manifestation of the disease, there are differences.

If carefully scrape the surface of the plaque check this out the face and remove the scales: At the initial stage of the disease surface white, stearic also called spot.

In the next step, after scraping, it is a brilliant bright red skin - terminal film. With further development of the disease, after the removal of the film, there is a point bleeding - bloody dew. There are three stages Elokim mit Psoriasis the disease psoriasis: It is characterized by the appearance of new foci of the disease. Plaques hit large areas of the skin, causing itching, flaking.

New papules are formed, the old become blue, start to dissolve. Flaking and itching are reduced. The plaques disappear, the skin lightens. Flaking and itching stopped. Elokim mit Psoriasis of diagnosis Diagnosis of psoriasis on the face begins withexternal examination, and confirmation of the disease on its characteristic features.

The patient find out - there are no close relatives with a history of this disease - it is often passed on a genetic level. In the case where there is doubt, it is psoriasis or a fungal infection candidiasis, make histological analysis of skin tissues of the face. If necessary, to clarify the diagnosis, doing blood tests.

How to treat psoriasis on the face To cure skin disease, should consult a dermatologist. By following the recommendations, you can achieve good results. Depending on the stage of Elokim mit Psoriasis disease psoriasis, you be assigned: Although completely cure psoriasis is not possible, you can speed up the healing process.

Really achieve long-term remission. An important role in the treatment of skin diseases have played: There are a number of products Elokim mit Psoriasis patients need to eliminate from your diet completely. Elokim mit Psoriasis of all, alcohol, fatty foods.

Prohibited products red, such as tomato, pepper. You need to limit salt intake. It is necessary to refuse: Meals at disease psoriasis should bebalanced and contain the necessary elements for the body. That the skin was clean, you should use a large amount of fiber. The protein in the body deliver cheese, beans, egg white, sunflower seeds. Do not completely give up sweets - permissible use of a small amount of raisins and dried apricots.

Salads recommend to fill with oil. How to eat right during psoriasis? Nutritionists advise once a week to make fasting days, for example, vegetable or yogurt. It is useful to include in the diet of bran, seafood. On your desk should be a lot of fruits and vegetables. We welcome all kinds of greens. Recommended for diseases of psoriasis cook porridge, it is better to water. In addition, the diet should be included in psoriasis: Proper skin care In the case of psoriasis disease, which appearedon the face, it is necessary to comply with the rules of hygiene and care for your skin properly.

This applies to both men and women. You must follow certain rules: First of all, do not do it yourself. Psoriasis - a serious disease and requires a Elokim mit Psoriasis and integrated approach. Only a doctor will prescribe the necessary drugs for external and internal use. Explain the dosage and dosage regimen. This Elokim mit Psoriasis be done based on your symptoms, the stage and severity of the disease. Besides external preparations and tablets, we can not forget about vitamins.

If a rash on the face of psoriasis are at an early stage and have a mild form, the use of ointments and creams. They act in different ways: Medical preparations for the reception Zinkpaste Anwendung Psoriasis have an impact on psoriasis symptoms of the disease, and the whole body is treated systemically.

They solve the following tasks: Physiotherapy An important place in the treatment of psoriasis takesphysiotherapy. Assign it to the stationary phase, when the acute form of the disease is passed. Calibration is done under Elokim mit Psoriasis supervision, because some treatments are contraindicated or poorly tolerated.

Physiotherapy in diseases of the skin on the face aimed at solving problems: With care in the treatment of psoriasis usingPUVA therapy. It is used in the most severe cases and has contraindications, as it promotes the appearance of tumors. A popular use in the treatment of psoriasis physiotherapy: Folk remedies Psoriasis Home Treatment folkIt means you must agree with Elokim mit Psoriasis doctor, so that it becomes Elokim mit Psoriasis supplement to the main recovery methods.

Traditional drugs can reduce inflammation in the disease, boost immunity, heal the skin. Excellent results in the treatment of lesions on the face is the use of Dead Sea salt. It is added to the thermal water, and sprinkle the face structure. You can make compresses: Very effective help in the treatment of the diseasebirch tar and engine grease. They gently applied to the affected area, kept twenty minutes and wash off with soap and water.

After this, you should apply a moisturizer. Elokim mit Psoriasis effect on inflammatory lesions Elokim mit Psoriasis psoriasis essential oils.

Their dot applied to the surface of papules and incubated 7 minutes, then removed the excess tissue. Excellent oils help with the disease: It can be rubbed into the skin jelly, mixed in equalparts with burned sprigs of wild rose. It helps with psoriasis wiping the face with a solution - a glass of water and a big spoonful of baking soda.

Increase immunity tea with raspberry, cranberry, rosehip. Excellent results when skin disease provides home applications of ointment. It was mixed and held for three days in a dark place, prepared according to the Elokim mit Psoriasis Prevention of disease If you have been treated for psoriasis and youdisappeared the main manifestations of the disease - it does not mean that the disease is completely cured. Elokim mit Psoriasis may come a remission, which will continue for many years.

But at some point, for uncertain reasons, the disease may return. To avoid this, you should do the prevention of: Very often psoriatic exposed forehead. Often papules on the face with the disease include the eyebrows and eyelids. Elokim mit Psoriasis lot of trouble to the patient delivers extensive psoriatic nasolabial part, chin and lips.

Here is the progressive stage of psoriasis in the Elokim mit Psoriasis and under the eyes. The manifestation of facial seborrheic psoriasis.

Simple contact dermatitis You may also Elokim mit Psoriasis Health Get rid of herpes on All about fashion, beauty and style. Health How to treat psoriasis on the face Elokim mit Psoriasis Comment. Face masks with honey: You may Gesäß zu Psoriasis behandeln like.

Ointments for psoriasis: a list of non-hormonal remedies for effective treatment | Tip10

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