Ammoniumbituminosulfonat Arzneimittelgruppen Schieferöle. Ammoniumbituminosulfonat (Ichthammol) ist eine dickflüssige, schwarzbraune Flüssigkeit, die aus. Er zijn meerdere zalven en crèmes om psoriasis met succes aan te pakken. Een aanrader is kartalin, een zalf op natuurlijke basis en is erg effectief.

Ammonium bituminosulfonate or ammonium bituminosulphonate (synonyms of ichthammol, CAS# brand name: Ichthyol) is a product of natural origin.

Ammonium bituminosulfonate or ammonium bituminosulphonate synonyms of ichthammolCAS brand name: Ichthyol is a product of natural origin obtained laennek bei der Behandlung von Psoriasis the first step by dry Ichthyol Psoriasis read more sulfur -rich oil shale bituminous schists.

By sulfonation of the resulting oil or purified fractions thereof and subsequent neutralization with ammonia, Ichthammol results as viscous, water-soluble substance with characteristic bitumen-like odor.

It is used in medicine as a treatment for different skin diseasesincluding eczema and psoriasis see below. They are sometimes called Ichthyol Psoriasis ointments" or "drawing salves".

Ichthyol Psoriasis elemental analysis, its composition was calculated to be C 28 H 36 S Psoriasis-Behandlungen von Pruritus O 6 NH 4 2. Chemically, it is a sulfonated shale oil that is incompatible with acids, alkali carbonates or hydrates and alkaloidal salts. It is a thick reddish brown liquid, possessing a bituminous odor and taste. It is soluble in water and miscible with glycerinbut is nearly insoluble in strong alcohol or concentrated ether.

It contains a large percentage of organically combined sulfur. Materials made in China Pinyin transcription: Also, there is no conformity with the definition as connected to Ichthyol Psoriasis The Chinese material is derived from vegetable Ichthyol Psoriasis e. The characteristic bitumen-like odor originating from the bituminous source material is missing with Chinese material and thereby the original qualities according to common standards can be identified without doubt.

Bituminosulfonates are classified as local therapeutic agents with very good tolerability. The anti-inflammatory action is explained by its Ichthyol Psoriasis on the formation, secretion, and effect of inflammation mediators.

Ichthammol is recommended by dermatologists and Ichthyol Psoriasis in pharmacies for compounding medications. Different sources of information exist for exemplary formulations creams, shake lotions, suppositories, etc.

The European Medicines Agency published a summary report on ichthyol-substances synonym: The Committee for Medicinal Products SDA-2 Fraktion 3 Schuppenflechte Veterinary Use CVMP decided that due to good tolerance and safety, there Ichthyol Psoriasis no need to establish an MRL for ichthyol-substances.

As a result, ichthyol-substances can be applied topically in all mammalian food-producing species without restriction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is not to be confused with black salve. Berichte der deutschen chemischen Gesellschaft. Korting HC, Sterry W: Therapeutische Verfahren in der Dermatologie - Dermatika und Kosmetika. International Journal of Dermatology. Journal of the German Society Ichthyol Psoriasis Dermatology JDDG.

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Die ICHTHYOL -GESELLSCHAFT bietet seit vielen Jahrzehnten Qualitätsarzneimittel für den therapeutischen Einsatz in der Dermatologie, z.B. bei Akne und Psoriasis.

Dr Priyam Sobarun, Dermatology Registrar, Waikato Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand; Copy Editor: Clare Morrison; Chief Editor: Dr Amanda Oakley, June Genital psoriasis affects the genital skin, which includes the pubic area, vulva or penis, skin folds and buttocks.

It affects adults as well as children. Psoriasis is one of the most common diseases affecting genital skin. Rarely, generalised and localised pustular psoriasis can also affect the genital skin. Genital skin can also be affected in inverse or flexural psoriasisie psoriasis that mainly affects the skin folds.

Genital psoriasis may be associated with considerable discomfort and embarrassment, and may severely impair the quality of life and sexual well-being of those affected. Genital psoriasis affects Ichthyol Psoriasis and females, children adults. In children, genital psoriasis is most common under the age of 2, when it presents as psoriatic napkin eruption.

Medicines ist, ob Schuppenflechte Temperatur Ueber of the external genitalia often presents as well-demarcated, bright red, thin plaques. These usually lack scaleas friction between the skin surfaces rubs it off. Scales may be seen on the outer parts of genital skin.

Scales can be easily scraped off, leaving pinpoint bleeding. In women, vulval psoriasis appears symmetrical. It can vary from silvery, scaly patches adjacent to the labia majora to moist, Ichthyol Psoriasis plaques or glossy red plaques without scaling in the skin folds. In men, the penis and scrotum may be involved. The glans penis, ie the bulbous part of the end of the penis, and the corona the base or "crown" of the Ichthyol Psoriasis are most Ichthyol Psoriasis affected.

In circumcised men, plaques can be more scaly than Ichthyol Psoriasis the rest of the genital Ichthyol Psoriasis. In uncircumcised men, nonscaling plaques are more common. Psoriatic napkin eruption presents as red and sometimes silvery plaques with well-defined borders in the nappy area of children under the age of 2 years.

It usually clears up after a few months to a year, but may later generalise into plaque psoriasis. Psoriasis in genital areas can be very Ichthyol Psoriasis at times. The plaques may also be fissured and painful. Psoriasis does not lead to scarring. The skin can return to normal appearance with treatment or spontaneously.

Genital psoriasis may be part of a more generalised psoriasis. Psoriasis has multifactorial genetic and environmental causes. These are not fully understood. In the genital area, specific factors to consider include:.

The diagnosis of psoriasis is made on the basis of its clinical appearance. Laboratory tests such as swabs and skin biopsies are rarely necessary. Treatment Pruritus und Cholestase genital psoriasis click the following article individualised.

There is limited published data for efficacy and safety of treatment options. The following suggestions for treatment of genital psoriasis are based Ichthyol Psoriasis expert opinions and case reports. Vitamin D analogues such as calcipotriol cream can be cautiously used alone or in combination with topical steroids.

However, they Ichthyol Psoriasis irritate genital skin. Therapy-resistant penile and vulval plaques should be re-evaluated clinically and histologically to rule out malignancy penile intraepithelial neoplasia and vulval intraepithelial neoplasia. Dithranoltazarotene, UV rays UVB phototherapy and photochemotherapy and laser therapy should be avoided in the genital area.

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Die ICHTHYOL -GESELLSCHAFT bietet seit vielen Jahrzehnten Qualitätsarzneimittel für den therapeutischen Einsatz in der Dermatologie, z.B. bei Akne und Psoriasis.
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