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I have psoriasis and I have been using the regimen for October 12, um mal die genaue Anleitung zu beschreiben. Frontiers in Immunology 4: Isolation and kv channel recordings in murine atrial and ventricular cardiomyocytes. There was no significant difference in the number of days to continue reading or number of days in remission.

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Asian Curator at The San Diego Museum of Art. The secondary materials also, indirectly essential to the manufacture of the best quality of glass, namely the fireclays used in the construction of the furnaces, are abundant, and of very superior descriptions.

Yet with all these advantages the natives do not appear to have advanced in the manufacture beyond the first and very rudest stages ; and although it is one which, if successfully prosecuted, would probably meet Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte very extended encouragement, the manufacture of the commonest bottles is not yet practised.

The chief defects of the native manufacture are the use of too large a quantity of alkali ; in fact, in some cases, it is so much in excess, that it might be tasted by applying the tongue Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the article. The native furnace is usually a rude hole dug in the ground, coated with ferruginous clay, which tends to discolour the glass, the Hepatitis mit Psoriasis avec the heat is raised by the use of bellows blast.

Hence the temperature is confined to one point of the mass, and is insufficiently diffused while the body of metalunder fusion being small, and the dome and sides above ground being thin, the heat is dissipated from them, and never attains body and elevation sufficient to admit of the mass setting and purifying itself, or of its being Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte from air-bubbles by the addition of the proper proportion of silica.

What is required is the preparation of the glass in larger quantities at a time, and with this view Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte and more carefully constructed furnaces, on the reverberating principle, to be heated by coal ; after this, that the process should be attended to more scrupulously, and the materials mixed by weight, instead of being thrown together by Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, as is too commonly the case at present.

The substances generally used by the natives in colouring glass are iron, which gives green, brown, and black shades ; here for pink, purple, and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte ; copper for blue, green, and deep red ; arsenic for white ; and chromate of iron for a dull green.

Bangles for the wrist are the chief articles now made in India, and some of the Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte in the Bombay bazar are exquisite. The art of glass-making is yet in its extreme infancy in the Panjab. The glass sand occurs in the form of a whitish sand, mixed with an alkali, which effloresces naturally. It is there called reh ; that only of a good white colour makes glass.

This substance is identical with the alkaline efflorescence which appears in many parts, and whose presence is destructive to cultivation.

Wherever such an efflorescence occurs over clean sandy soil, there is naturally formed a mixture of sand and alkali, which fuses into coarse lamps of bottle-green glas. Coloured glass beads are largely worn in India by several non-Aryan races.

The Romans and Arabs seem to Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte employed it as a Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte click at this page, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the Hindus prescribed it internally.

It is found in China, at Almaden in Spain, at Idria in Carniola, and likewise in S. Mercury was found by Dr. Malcolmson in the lava of Aden and in the laterite on the western coast of the Peninsula of India.

It occurs usually as the native bisulphuret or cinnabar, combined with silver, forming a native amalgam ; or with chlorine, as in horn mercury.

It is chiefly obtained from the sulphuret by distillation with lime Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte with iron, which, combining with the sulphur, the metal distils over Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte is condensed.

Quicksilver is said to be brought to Ava from China. Bichloride of Mercury, corrosive sublimate. This is white, with an acrid, metallic, and persistent taste, without smell. It is met with in small crystals, or in semi-transparent masses. It is made in many parts of British India, and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte to have been long known to and prepared by the natives of India. It is much used as a preservative of timber, canvas, etc. A solution is made in the Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of one pound to four gallons of water, and in this the article to be protected is steeped a variable time, according to its nature.

Several preparations of mercury are described by the Sanskrit and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte writers. The ras-karpur is usually calomel. Once, however, he met a specimen which was corrosive sublimate of the finest kind. Russapuspum, in great repute amongst the Tamil people, appears to be administered by them in larger doses than any other Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of this metal. But it generally happens that through defective manipulation a mixture of calomel and bichloride is formed.

Shavirum is a strange compound, administered by the Tamils in very small quantities ; is a harsh, uncertain, and dangerous preparation. In the mode of preparing it, the vapours of calomel simultaneously rising and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the chlorine are converted into the bichloride of mercury. Rasa or mercury which forms a class by itself [ With a glossary of Indian plants by George King. Mercury, though not mentioned by Charaka and Susruta, has in later days Klettenwurzel Schuppenflechte to be regarded as the most important medicine in the Hindu Pharmacopoeia.

Good mercury is said to be bright like the mid-day sun externally, and of a bluish tinge internally. Mercury of a yellowish-white, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, or variegated colour should not be used in medicine.

Mercury, as met with in commerce, contains several sorts of impurities, such as tin, lead, juckende Hautausschläge wie was es, stone, etc. Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte administered in an impure state it is said to bring on a number of Neem-Öl für Psoriasis-Anwendungen ; hence it is purified before use.

Various processes for purifying mercury Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte described in books. When cool, it is washed in cold water and dried in the sun.

Some practitioners use betle-leaves instead of garlic for rubbing the mercury with. Mercury obtained by sublimation of cinnabar is considered pure and preferred for internal use. The mercury is deposited within the upper Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of the apparatus, in form of a blackish powder. This is scraped, rubbed with lemon-juice and boiled in water, when it is fit for use. A little sulphur is placed in an Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte pot, and over it some mercury.

The pot is heated in a sand-bath, and, as the sulphur begins Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte melt, cautiously and gradually more of it is added to or placed over the mercury, altogether to the extent of six times the weight of the mercury. When the whole is melted like Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the pot should be quickly removed from the fire, aud cooled Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the mass is consolidated. It should then be broken, and the mercury extracted from within the mass.

Mercury thus obtained is said to be superior to all other forms, but it is not much used at present. The purified metal obtained by the processes above mentioned is employed for the preparation of mercurial compounds. The black preparation is the black sulphide of mercury, made by rubbing together and dissolving over the fire three parts of mercury with one of sulphur.

The white preparation is the Rasakarpura or perchloride of mercury. Several processes are given for preparing Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte one is as follows. Take of mercury and chalk equal parts, and rub them together till the globules disappear. Enclose in a covered crucible and heat it within a pot full of rock salt. The perchloride of mercury will be deposited in the shape of a pure white powder under the lid of the crucible.

Place the mixture in an earthen pot, cover it with Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte pot, face to face, and lute the two together with layers of clay and cloth. The pots so luted are then placed on fire, and heated for four days, after which they are opened, and the white camphor-like deposit in the upper pot is collected for use.

Place the mixture in a covered crucible, and heat it in a sand-bath for twelve hours. The result will be a yellow compound. The red preparation called Rakta bhasma or Rasa sindura is prepared in a variety of ways- The following is one of them. Take Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte mercury and sulphur equal parts, rub together with the juice of the red buds of Ficus Bengalensis vata for three days successively, introduce the mixture within a bottle and heat it in a sand-bath for twelve Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. A red deposit will adhere belowthe neck of the bottle.

It is taken out in the shape of dark red shining scales. The four preparations of mercury above mentioned, though described in most works on metalic medicines, are not, practically used in the treatment of disease under these names. In the present day the yellow preparation is not in use. The white form called Rasakarpura is now prepared, not according to the processes described in Sanskrit works, but by subliming the black sulphide of mercury with common or rock salt. In this form it is largely manufactured and sold in all the bazars.

The red preparation is better known as Rasa sindura ; and the black one as Rasa parpati. In fact, practically, prepared mercury means the red preparation or Rasa sindura and this is the form in which it is largely used. Besides this, the black and red sulphides of mercury are also used internally. It is called Kajjali. The red sulphide or cinnabar is called hingula. These four preparations, namely, cinnabar, the black sulphide called Kajjali, the red preparation called Rasasindura, and the Rasakarpura of the bazar, are the four principal forms in which mercury is used in Hindu Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte ; that Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, they constitute the basis of all the formulae containing mercury.

Mercury is said to be imbued with the six tastes, and capable of removing derangements of all the humours. Modellnummer wie für Psoriasis Pflege may is the first of alterative tonics. Combined with other appropriate medicines it cures all diseases, acts as a powerful tonic and improves the vision and complexion. In fevers of all descriptions, mercury is extensively used in combination with aconite, croton seed, datura, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte other medicines.

The San Diego Museum of Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte Collection. Anomit, Phlogopit, Lepidomelan, Zinnwaldit Lithion-G. Talk zu abhra n.: FOUR varieties of talc are described by Sanskrit writers, namely. Talc is purified in the following manner. It is first heated and washed in milk. Talc thus purified is reduced to powder by being rubbed with Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte within a thick piece of cloth, when the powdered talc click the following article Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the pores of the cloth in fine particles and is collected for use.

Sometimes the process is said Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte be repeated a thousand times. When this is the case, the preparation is called sahasra putita abhra and sold at high price eight rupees per tola. It is considered to be of superior efficacy. Prepared talc Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte a powder of brick-dust colour and a saline, earthy taste.

Chemically it consists of silicate of magnesia with iron in excess. It is considered tonic and aphrodisiac and is used in combination with iron in anaemia, jaundice, chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, chronic fever, enlarged spleen, urinary diseases, impotence etc.

Its efficacy is said to be Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte by combination with iron. Dose, grains six to twelve. Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte Bleiglanz und Stibnit Antimonsulfid a. Stibnit ist undurchsichtig und entwickelt meist kurze bis lange, prismatische, nadelige oder radialstrahlige Kristalle, aber auch massige Aggregate von bleigrauer Farbe und Strichfarbe.

In der Antike Griechenlands wurde es zudem zur Herstellung von Bronze eingesetzt. It Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte used to darken the brows and lashes, or to draw a line around the perimeter of the eye. This is obtainable in most eastern bazars, and is used medicinally by native physicians, and by Mahoraedan men for an eyelid application. Both ores of iron and manganese and lead are often sold as surma.

It is obtained in Cornwall, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, Spain, Mexico, Siberia, Chin-kiang-fu in China, the Eastern Islands, Siam, Pegu, Martaban, Amherst, and Beluchistan? Ter-sulphide of antimony is said to be found in the Salt Range near the Keura salt mine. Vast quantities of antimony have been found by Maj. Hay in the Himalayan range of Spiti. A sulphic of Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte is found at Jaggatsukh Kulu, in the Kangra district, and specimens were Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte from Bajaur, and it has been found near Beyla by Major Boyd ; it occurs massive in Beluchistan.

Butter of antimony is a substance sometimes used with sulphate of copper for bronzing gun barrel, the iron decomposing the chloride, and depositing a thin film of antimony on its surface. The chi alloys of antimony are type metal, consisting of 4 lead and 1 of antimony ; stereotype metal, lead and 1 antimony,—music-plates Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of lead, tin, and antimony Hautsalbe für Haut Juckreiz Britannia metal, consisting of parts of tin, 8 antimony, 2 of copper, and 2 bismuth.

Pewter is sometimes formed of 12 parts of tin and 1 part antimony. Antimony is also used in the preparation of some enamels and other Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte articles, and much employed in modern medicine as antimonial powder and tartrate of antimony. The sulphide of antimony occurs in fine streaky, fibrous, crystalline masses of a radiated texture.

The lead ore on the contrary, occurs in cubic masses destitute of rays and is tabular in its crystalline arrangement. I have not met with any vernacular translation of this word, nor with any person who could identify or supply the drug. Wilson, in his Sanskrit-English Dictionary, translates the term as calx of brass, but I know not on what authority. It will be noticed in its place in the Vegetable Materia Medica.

It enters into the composition of some collyria for eye diseases. Galena, heated over a fire and cooled in a decoction of the three myrobalans for seven times in succession, is rubbed with human milk and used in various eye diseases.

Another collyriurn prepared with lead is as follows. To one part of purified and melted lead, add an equal portion of mercury and two parts of galena, rub them all together and reduce to powder. Now add camphor, equal in weight to one-tenth part of the mass and mix intimately. This preparation is said to be useful in eye diseases. Pfauenhals farbeChalkanthit.

Man benutzt das Salz in der Feuerwerkerei und als Arzneimittel. Kupfervitriol war schon den Alchimisten bekannt, die oft von eisenhaltigem Kupfervitriol Verbindung von Venus und Mars ausgingen, um den Stein der Weisen zu finden. Van Helmont erhielt K. SULPHATE of copper was known in India from a very remote period.

It is prepared by roasting copper pyrites, dissolving the roasted mass in water and evaporating the solution to obtain crystals of the sulphate. It is described in this work as astringent, emetic, caustic, and useful in eye diseases, skin diseases, poisoning etc. It is purified for internal use, by being rubbed with honey and ghee and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte to heat in a crucible.

It is then soaked for three Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte in whey, and dried. Sulphate of copper thus prepared is said not to produce vomiting when taken internally. Dose, one to two grains. Sulphate of copper dissolved in hot water is administered in insensibility from poisoning to excite vomiting. Sulphate of copper is applied to sinuses http://gl-dd.de/anfangsstadium-von-psoriasis-vulgaris.php fistula-in-ano with the object of stimulating and healing them.

It is added to ointments for foul ulcers. A solution of sulphate of copper is poured into the eyes in opacity of the cornea. Extracted from Ammomum Zanthorhizon, Roxb. Colebrooke zu cb. Colebrookes Zingiber montanum J. Saft-Schminke Abkochung von Berberis aristata DC. The roots contain 17 per cent of useful colouring matter. According to Leschenault, who had the wood analysed, it contained the yellow colouring principle in a greater state of purity than the common English Berberry.

According to recent investigations, this, species is identical with the B. It ranges on the mountains of India from the Himalaya to the Neilgherries, and to Newera Ellin, in Ceylon. It is a handsome and ornamental shrub, remarkable for its Forschung Pruritus lokale Suture large compound racemes of flowers; the fruit is of an oblong shape and brownish-purple colour, with little or no bloom.

It is very distinct from other species, and grows quickly. The root and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte are of a dark yellow colour, and form the yellow wood of Persian.

In Nepaul the fruit of this. The useful plants of India: The wood Daruharidraextract Rasanjanaand probably the fruit, have been used by the natives from a very early date. The Greeks were acquainted with the extract under the name of Indian Lycium as long ago as the first century; it would appear, though, that there were other kinds of Lycium in use at that time. Royle, inbrought Rusot more prominently to the notice of Europeans; since then it has been pretty extensively employed as a tonic and febrifuge.

The root-bark of Barberry is now official in the Pharmacopoeia of India, it is noticed in the Tuhfat-el-inuminin under Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte name of Arghis, and is said to possess all the properties of Mamiran. Surgeon-General Cornish, of Madras, states http://gl-dd.de/mit-dem-was-aussah-wie-psoriasis.php the Nilgiri Barberry bark Mullu-kulla- puttai Tam.

A similar opinion appears to be generally held by medical men in India. In the bazaars the stern, extract and fruit are always obtainable; the two first are considered cold and dry, and are prescribed in combination with other bitters and aromatics, as tonics and antiperiodics, especially when bilious symptoms and diarrhoea are present; they are also used in menorrhagia.

Rusot mixed with opium, alum, rock salt, chebulic myrobalans, and various other-drugs, is much used as an external application Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte inflammatory swellings, and is rubbed in round the orbit in painful affections of the conjunctiva; check this out is also used mixed with honey as an application to aphthae, and abrasions and ulcerations of the skin, and mixed with milk it is dropped into the eye in conjunctivitis.

The fruit is cooling and acid. Berberine in doses of grain given subcutaneously kills rabbits, with symptoms of prostration and fall of temperature; but a dose eight times as great given to them by the mouth has no action, and 15 grains only produce in Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte slight colicky pains and diarrhoea.

Is said to cause contraction of the intestines and of the spleen, and to lessen oxidation in the blood. The drugs which contain this alkaloid are very useful in malarial Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte accompanied by a febrile condition. Warden and David Hooper []. Native or virgin sulphur uncombined, is either a volcanic product, or occurs in beds in many parts of the world ; found in combination with metals, as in the ores called pyrites, the sulphurets of iron, copper, lead, mercury, etc.

Distilling it from earthen pots arranged in two rows on a large furnace, the sulphur fuses and sublimes, and passes through a lateral tube in each pot into another place on the outside of the furnace, which is perforated near the bottom, to allow the melted sulphur to flow into a pail containing water, where it congeals and forms rough or crude sulphur.

This being re-distilled, forms refined Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. When fused and cast into moulds, it forms stick or roll sulphur. The great repositories of sulphur are either beds of gypsum and the associated rocks, or the regions of active or extinct volcanoes.

Most of the sulphur brought to Hindustan contains a considerable portion of orpiment. Sulphur and saltpetre are found in the mountains behind Teheran ; also in Kishni and in a hilly tract near Khamir, a town on the Persian continent, about 25 miles N.

It is met with in the district of Balkh ; also, according to Morier, at Balianlia in Persia. In Baluchistan it is got from the Suni mine, on the ridges separating Saharawan from Cutch Gandava ; the great mart for its sale is Bagh in Cutch Http://gl-dd.de/solarium-hilft-bei-psoriasis-2.php also in mountains south of Kalat, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of Mekran.

Sulphur, somewhat mixed with impurities, occurs in the Murree Hills, and the Sulaiman Hills near Dehm Ismail Khan, at Kalabagh. It is found extensively throughout the Salt Range. The valley of Puga in Ladakh, from whence borax is obtained, yields also sulphur. The Puga sulphur mine is situated a short Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte from the Rulangchu, a small stream which is full of hot springs, and runs into the Indus at the foot of a gypsum cliff.

Besides the Psoriasis Bewertungen flosteron springs charged with sulphuretted hydrogen, and which Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte sulphur on the rock over which they pass, and on the grass and weeds by Professional Sie können ein Spender für Psoriasis ich sides, sulphur in a mineral form occurs near the surface of the nummulite limestone at Jabba, a little above the petroleum springs, in a white porous gypsum.

Sulphur also occurs near Panobar, four miles from Shadipur, on the Indus. The crystals picked out of the rock are called Aunlisar. In Udaipur it is to be met with, but of a quality inferior to that which is brought from the gulfs of Cutch and Persia.

It is found in small quantities in Salem, Masulipatam, Guntur, Cuddapah, and Trichinopoly, along with gypsum in marl and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte beds, and in form of metallic sulphurets. In the Wodiapolliam jungle, south of Wolandurpet, in the N.

Arcot district, and which extends E. Four varieties of sulphur are mentioned by Sanskrit writers, namely, red, yellow, white and black.

Of these the red and black are not now available. It is preferred for internal use in combination with mercury. The white variety or ordinary roll sulphur is inferior to the replaceable Psoriasis gewöhnlicher Schritt Medical, and used for external application in skin diseases.

Sulphur is purified by being washed in milk. It is first dissolved in go here iron ladle smeared with butter and then gradually poured into a basin of milk. When cool and solidified it is fit for use. Dose twelve to twenty-four grains with milk or other vehicle. Sulphur is described as of bitter, astringent taste, with a peculiar strong smell. It increases bile, acts Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte a laxative and alterative, and is useful in skin diseases, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, consumption, enlarged spleen etc.

In combination with mercury Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte is used in almost Psoriasis Triaden diseases.

The circumstance of its readily combining with and fixing metalic mercury, has led to its extensive use Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte combination Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte that metal. In skin diseases sulphur is used Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte internally and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. Internally it is given with milk or in the shape of a sulphurated butter, prepared from milk boiled with the addition of sulphur.

The Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte thus obtained is called Gandha taila, and is taken internally, and applied externally, in skin diseases. Sulphur enters into the composition of a large number of applications for skin diseases, the following is an example. Take of sesamum oil four seers, madder, the three myrobalans, lac, turmeric, orpiment, realgar and sulphur equal parts, in all one seer. Mix and expose to the sun. This oil is useful in eczema, scabies etc.

Take of sulphur eight tolas, bdellium eight tolas, decoction of the three myrobalans seventy-two tolas, castor oil thirty-two tolas, mix and boil together in an iron vessel till reduced to the consistence of a confection. Dose about one drachm twice daily. It is useful in chronic rheumatism, lameness, cough, asthma, and skin diseases. Ein als Augenschminke benutzter blauer Stein a. Some make these three here synonymous with the following.

Auripigment zu harita 3: Frucht der Palmyrapalme Borassus flabellifer L. Most of the older Sanskrit MSS. A few are on Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte Kasmiri paper, and some on Palm-leaf. White arsenic is rarely used for the size, but I have seen a few codices sized with it, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte mucilage employed in such cases being acacia gum.

The surface of ordinary country paper being rough, a thick coating of size is necessary for easy writing ; and the tamarind-seed emulsion affords this admirably. The paper used for ordinary writing is sized with rice gruel Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte but such paper attracts damp and vermin of all kinds, and that great pest of literature, the silver-fish thrives luxuriantly on it.

The object of the arsenic is to keep off this insect, and it serves the purpose most effectually. No insect or worm of any kind will attack arsenicised paper, and so far the MSS. The superior appearance and cheapness of European paper has of late induced many persons to use it instead of the country arsenicised paper in writing puthis ; but this is a great mistake, as the latter is not near so durable as the former, and is liable to be rapidly destroyed by insects.

I cannot better illustrate this than by referring to some of the MSS. There are among them several volumes written on foolscap paper, which dates from toand they already look decayed, mouldering, and touched in several places by silver-fish. Others on John-letter paper which is thicker, larger and stouter, are already so far injured that the ink has quite Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, and become in many places illegible, whereas the MSS.

This fact would suggest the propriety of Government records in Mofussil Courts being written on arsenicised paper instead of the ordinary English foolscap, which is so rapidly destroyed both by the climate and also by white-ants.

To guard against mistake I should add here that the ordinary yellow paper sold in the bazars is dyed with turmeric, and not at all proof against the attack of insects,". Some physicians, probably to save time, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte all these fluids together, and boil the orpiment in the mixture for three hours Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. The dose of orpiment thus purified is from two to four grains. Several methods of roasting orpiment are described.

The pot should be now covered with a dish, luted with clay, and heated over a fire for twenty hours. When cool the ball of roasted orpiment is taken out from the pot and reduced to Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. Another process is as follows.

The resulting compound from both these processes is described as a white camphor-like substance. A specimen of roasted orpiment supplied to me by an upcountry physician was analyzed and found to contain but a small proportion of white arsenic. Bengali physicians do not prepare this drug from a superstitious notion that the man who roasts orpiment dies very soon.

They purchase it from Fakirs or religious mendicants. It is said that some specimens of roasted orpiment are highly poisonous, and contain a large proportion of white arsenic.

The quality of the drug would no doubt vary according to the method in which it is prepared. Orpiment is said to cure fevers and skin diseases, to increase strength and beauty, and to prolong life.

In fever it Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte used in combination with mercury, aconite, etc. The use of orpiment as a depilatory was known to the ancient Hindus. It enters into the composition of numerous formulae for the removal of hair. Asphalt oder Ocker c. According to a different explanation, bitumen. Ocker findet sich am Harz, in Bayern, im Siegenschen, in England, Frankreich und Italien.

Durch vorsichtiges Erhitzen wird ihre Farbe feuriger, und man unterscheidet dann je nach der Nuance: Two sorts of gairika or ochre are mentioned by Sanskrit writers, namely, red and yellow.

It is a silicate of alumina coloured with oxide of iron It is purified by being soaked in milk seven times, and is described as sweetish, astringent, cooling, and useful in ulcers, burns, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte etc.

Steinlack, Steingummi, Bitumen, Asphalt, PW: The term is applied to certain click the following article substances said to exude from rocks during the hot weather. It is said to be produced in the Vindhya and other mountains where iron abounds. It is a dark sticky unctuous substance resembling bdellium in appearance. Over platinum foil it burns with a little inflammable smoke and leaves a large quantity of ashes consisting chiefly of lime, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, silica, and iron in a mixed state of proto and peroxide.

The former is an article of Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte not Hindu Medicine. This emulsion is exposed to the sun, when a black cream-like substance collects on its surface and; this is removed. The process is continued as long as any cream rises.

If the mixture becomes too thick, hot water is added from time to time as required, but too much water Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte not be added at once, for then the cream will not rise to the surface.

The dregs at the bottom are thrown away. In strangury or painful micturition it is given with honey or Es unterscheidet sich von seborrheic Psoriasis Fotos Dermatitis the decoction of Tribulus terrestris gokshura. In urinary complaints it is given in combination with preparations of lead or tin. As an alterative tonic, it is used in combination with iron.

Commiphora myrrha Nees Engl. Through this expedition, we learn from the inscriptions, "thirty-one verdant myrrh trees" were introduced into Egypt, besides a large quantity of myrrh. They were, we are told, "brought over the sea in ships from the incense mountains of the Somali country. Kann Person Psoriasis entwickeln Krebs represents a medium size tree with somewhat thick trunk and spreading branches.

The leaves are oval, and appear to terminate in an acute point. There is also shown, exuding from the stem in the form of tears, a gum-resin, which in the original is coloured red. An inscription on the walls of Thothmes III. Myrrh was also imported article source Arabia, as is shown from a sentence in the Papyrus Harris written in the time of Rameses the III. Myrrh is not much http://gl-dd.de/medikamente-und-ernaehrung-fuer-psoriasis.php by the Hindus.

It is described as useful in fever, epilepsy, and uterine affections, and is given to women for eleven days after confinement mixed with molasses to purify the womb. The similarity of its properties to those of Bdellium, which Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte an article of importance in Hindu medicine, probably accounts for its not having greatly attracted the attention of the Hindus upon its introduction into India from the West.

With the Mahometans Myrrh is an important article of the Materia Medica. They describe the tree which produces it as tall and handsome, with knotted branches, a native of Socotrar and neighbouring countries, and say that spears are made of Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte branches, which are solid and free from pith; that thje juice when it first exudes is white Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte milky, and that the best Myrrh is obtained by making incisions in the tree.

What exudes of itself is called Batdreh. After the Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte have been wounded, mats and vessels are placed to catch the juice. Balfour found several species of Balsamodendron growing in Socotra, one of which was a tree 30 feet high and very fragrant, but he did not "obtain any of the gum-resin.

This plant is named Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte him B. Myrrha, Nees, a myrrh-bearing tree of Somali land. According to Mir Mohammad Husain the best Myrrh should be of a reddish yellow colour, and the surface covered with a pale dust. When broken it should show white marks like those at the root of the finger nail. The same authority says that Myrrh is hot and dry; detergent, siccative, astringent, and aperient, a disperser of cold tumours, and one of the most important of medicines, as it preserves the humours from corruption.

It is also thought to keep away fever, and prevent the hair falling off. Administered by means of fumigation it is said to have the same effect as when taken in the ordinary Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. The leaves, fruit, and wood are said to partake of the same properties as the gum-resin. Click the following article Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of the use of Visit web page in Europe goes http://gl-dd.de/teer-psoriasis-behandlung.php to a very early date.

A good summary will be found in the. Http://gl-dd.de/psoriasis-bild-1.php is the centre of the Myrrh, trade. The merchants who deal in the gums which come from the north-east of Africa and Southern Arabia, have their chief houses here, and employ partners or agents at Aden and Makalla; the Aden agents also attend the great annual fair at Link on the opposite Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, and exchange English and Indian goods for Myrrh, Bdellium and other African produce.

Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte bags or bales which contain the Myrrh, when opened in Bombay, are found to be made up of. In Bombay the contents of the package are sorted; the best Myrrh goes to Europe; the darker pieces form a second quality, and the refuse is exported to China, where it is said to be used as an incense.

True Myrrh is known in the Bombay market as Karam or Bandar Karam A seaport on the African coast nearly opposite Aden. From Makalla and Aden another kind of Myrrh is Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, Arabian Myrrh. The trade name of this drug in Bombay is Meetiya; it is mostly sold in India as true Myrrh, for which it might easily be mistaken by any one not specially acquainted with drugs. The dealers source say that no true Myrrh is ever received from Arabia.

A kind of myrrh resembling Meetiya is sometimes sold in Bombay as Chenai-bol or "Chinese myrrh," and it is curious that Ibn Batuta amongst the articles of trade at Thana, mentions musk and myrrh from China. Persian Myrrh has only recently made its appearance in the market; it occurs in very large masses of a rich reddish brown colour and considerable translucency; very oily; in taste and odour it resembles African Myrrh very article source. Pieces of papery bark are found adhering to it.

It readily forms an emulsion with water, and appears to have all the properties of commercial Myrrh. The botany of the Myrrh trees is still encompassed with uncertainty, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte cannot be removed until the very localities in which the drug is collected shall have Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte explored by a competent observer. Of the source of the Persian Myrrh we know nothing as yet. They are of Ernährung in Psoriasis-Arthritis opaque reddish go here, with dusty dull surface.

When broken they exhibit a rough or waxy fracture, hating a moist and unctuous appearance, especially when pressed, and a rich brown hue. The fractured translucent surface often displays characteristic whitish marks which the ancients compared to the light marks at the base of the finger nails. Myrrh has a peculiar and agreeable fragrance, with an aromatic bitter and acrid taste. Water disintegrates it, forming a light brown emulsion which, viewed under the click, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte made up of colourless drops, among which are granules of yellow resin.

Alcohol dissolves the resin of Myrrh, leaving angular non-crystalline particles of gum and fragments of bark. Other allied Gum Resins. In the bales of this drug two distinct kinds are met with, viz. The odour is more powerful and more perfumed than that of common Bdellium; the taste perfumed, aromatic, and feebly bitter, whereas common Bdellium is strongly bitter and has hardly Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte aroma.

Indian Bdellium Mhaiftaguggalthe produce of B. Mukul, somewhat resembles the African drug in general appearance, the pieces often having portions of papery bark attached to them, but the colour is lighter, often greenish ; the odour and taste are somewhat different, and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte certain proportion of it is in distinct vermiform pieces as thick as the little finger.

Its value is one-third less than that of African Bdellium. Opaque Bdellium is found in small Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte in the packages of Myrrh and other gums which come from Africa. It is known in Bombay as Meenaharma, and is of a yellowish white colour; and quite opaque like ammoniacum ; it has hardly any odour, but a very bitter taste. The Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte practitioners use it to facilitate the extraction of Guinea-worms; it Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte appear to poison the animal, as it makes it loosen its hold upon the tissues.

Indian Bdellium Mhaisaguggalthe produce of B. With water it forms a greyish-white emulsion ; when inflamed it swells and sputters instead of burning with a clear flame like the Guggal of Boswellia serrata.

We have been favoured by Mr. Woodrow with fresh specimens of the stem and exudation Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte B. Roxburghii collected near Peit, about 3. Kalkschulp einer Sepia, Tunesien [Bildquelle: This is largely used in India and China for painting, glass-making, and decoration. It Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte manufactured in Kiang-si in China.

In the Madras Presidency it is used both as a pigment and a drier by moochees. Hindus use it for religious purposes, smearing it on their idols, etc. It is known by the name of sindura, and is used by all married Hindu women as a paint for the forehead.

The red oxide of lead, called sindura, is used externally in eruptive skin diseases in the form of ointment or liniment. Thus sindura and powdered black pepper mixed with butter is recommended to be applied in chronic eczema. Take of mustard oil one seer, water four seers, minium four tolas and cumin seeds eight tolas. Boil together in the usual way. This oil is used in eczema and other eruptive skin diseases. It is found chiefly as sulphuret or galena, but a little in a metallic state also, as an oxide, and combined with several acids.

It is a soft and Psoriasis bei Kindern dem Nägeln metal, of a pale livid grey colour, easily malleable, but slightly tenacious, and not sonorous. It is of common and extensive use in the arts. Alloyed with tin in different proportions, it forms solder and pewter, and with Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte it constitutes type metal.

Combined with oxygen, it forms massicot, a protoxide of a pale-yellow colour. Litharge, also a semi-crystalline protoxide, obtained in separating silver from lead ores, enters largely into the composition Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte flint glass.

Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte or red lead, deutoxide, extensively used as a paint, and also in the manufacture of flint glass. The carbonate of lead, or white lead, is a dense white powder, commonly employed as a pigment. The chromate of lead, of a beautiful yellow colour, is also much used as a pigment ; and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte acetate, or sugar of lead, is employed for various purposes.

Galena is the richest ore of lead, and from which that metal is chiefly Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. As met with in commerce, it is in heavy, shining, black or bluish lead-coloured cubical masses, having a does Psoriasis-Plaques Foto Diagnostikphase resemblance to the Menschen Psoriasis-Behandlung of antimony.

Lead ore is also found in Oman and at Kas-ul- Had in Arabia, also in the mountains of Baluchistan, where the nomade Brahui pick it up from the surface soil. Lead mines exist at Kappar in the hills contiguous to Baghwan and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte. Lead occurs at Raie, Chendak, Kerrage, Patal, Dhunpore, and Jak. At Dessouly, about 55 cos east of Srinuggur, is a lead mine of considerable value.

Lead is worked at Jamu in, and large quantities are imported Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte Kabul and Kandahar, under the name of Surma antimonyfrom which natives of India do not distinguish it, and, being reserved for medicinal purposes, finds its way only to the druggists.

A mine near Sabathu, in the Simla district, worked by a mining company, yielded 40 tons of ore monthly, and gave 16 to 72 per cent, of lead. In a defile close to Bamian there are 10 Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte 12 lead mines. There are also lead mines at Lara, Leedang, Pokso, and some other places ; they are very productive, but the lead is reckoned inferior to that of Sirmur and Jounsar. It sells at two or two and a half pounds per rupee. In the Panjab lead is found in the districts of Kangra.

Lead and copper this web page occur in the Ceded Districts ; galena lead ore at Coilguntla in the Dhone taluk, 30 miles S.

In Dhone, http://gl-dd.de/jojoba-psoriasis.php in very large blocks Psoriasis im Pool obtained http://gl-dd.de/psoriasis-bei-kindern-an-den-genitalien.php one piece measured about 18 inches in diameter, and weighed upwards of 3 cwt.

This ore was tried at the mint, and at the Madras School of Arts for glazing pottery ; it was found to succeed better when reduced to the form of minium, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte then ground with felspar and an alkali.

Examination of the Kurnool ore proved it to contain upwards of 1 per cent, of silver, or ounces in the ton, the quantity of lead and silver together being only 45 per cent. A further specimen of this http://gl-dd.de/mit-einigen-stellen-beginnt-psoriasis.php ore was analyzed by Dr. Scott inclick at this page when fused with carbonate of soda and nitrate of potash, produced about 60 per cent, of metallic lead.

The resulting lead, on being cupelled, furnished a bead of silver weighing 1. Malagah and Dorochet had found that when sulphide of silver is associated with the sulphides of other metals, it is always unequally distributed. Black lead or read article is an iron ore found in Ceylon, in Travancore, also in the Northern Circars at Vizianagram.

It is sold for antimony in the bazars. Carbonate of lead, called also sub-carbon lead, white lead, or cerussa, is used as a white paint. Chromate of lead, Valayati peori, Psoriasis ihre Behandlung Hause a precipitate produced by the addition of bichromate of potash to a solution of acetate of lead.

Lead is produced abundantly in India in the shape of the sulphide called galena. Galena is sold in the bazars under the name of surma, and is much used by Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte natives as a collyrium. The red oxide of lead, or minium, was manufactured by the ancient Hindoos. Litharge or massicot, called murdasang in Hindustani, has no proper Sanskrit name and was unknown to the ancients. In some recent compilations it is occasionally introduced as a component of some compound preparations.

The name saffedd is of Persian origin, and the article itself is an imported one. Lead is purified and reduced to powder in the same way as tin. Lead thus prepared is a gritty powder of a greyish red colour. Chemically it is an impure carbonate of lead. Its properties are said to be similar to those of tin.

It is seldom used internally except as a Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte of compound medicines containing a number of other metals. A probe made of lead is preferred for applying collyria to the eyelids. Though it occurs in comparatively few countries, and though it does not occur in the native state, the acquaintance of the ancients with this metal is accounted for by the circumstances that the ore is found frequently near the surface, and is easily reduced by charcoal and a moderate degree of heat to the state Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte metal.

Tin is found in England, Saxony, Bohemia, Hungary, Chili. Mexico, Billiton, Banca, and the Peninsula of Malacca. Malacca furnishes the purest tin, and Cornwall Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte largest quantity.

India imports it chiefly from the Straits Settlements to a varying extent up to 48, cwt. Tin occurs in two states of combination, the peroxide and the rare double sulphuret of tin and copper ; but it is from the former that the metal is almost entirely obtained. The peroxide is found —. The former, when reduced to Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte metallic state, yields block-tin ; while the latter yields Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, which is the purer of the two, and it is brought into commerce in these two forms.

Wood-tin is in reniform and botryoidal masses, or in wedge-shaped pieces, which have arisen from their partial destruction ; the surfaces are generally water-worn. Stream-tin is evidently derived from the destruction of tin veins or lodes, the lighter portions of stony matter having been carried away by the water, which has rounded the fragments of the ore. Its use has long been familiar to the Hindus for tinning copper, and for various compounds with copper and tin, which are remarkable for their hardness, and for the fine sounds Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte they emit on being struck.

The tin alloy is scarcely malleable at 2 ounces ; it soon becomes very hard, brittle, and sonorous. Smiths of India render the mixed metal malleable with greater proportions of Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte ; so do the Chinese for their gongs and cymbals, by gently striking Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte while hot at repeated heatings. Some years ago bronze sheathing for ships was prepared on the same principle. Teling people call such malleable bell metal Akkansu.

It is formed into vessels for containing acid food, buttermilk, etc. The Malayan tin district or tin field is beyond all comparison the most extensive and the richest in the world, for it stretches from Tavoy in the 14th degree of N.

The richest locality in the province of Tavoy is nearly opposite the city of Tavoy on the eastern side of the mountains. Tin ore of the Malay Peninsula is stream-ore, and the nearer the mountains is the more abundant.

The ore is imbedded in clay at from 6 to 50 feet below the surface, and is mined by Chinese. TIN, though not indigenous to India, has been known from a very ancient period and is mentioned by Susruta. Royle observed "But the Hindoos like the Egyptians have employed tin Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte various purposes from very ancient times. And though there http://gl-dd.de/psoriasis-uv-lampen.php no proof of its being found in the present day in the peninsula of India yet it is abundant on the opposite coast of the Bay of Bengal as in Burma, Tenasserim, Junkseylon and Malacca.

There must in very ancient times have been a trade between India and these places. Tin is purified by melting it over the fire and Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte the melted fluid into the milky juice of Calotropis gigantea arka.

It is then washed in cold water and dried over a gentle fire. The resulting product is a greyish white powder consisting chemically of oxide of tin with some impurities. It is chiefly used in urinary disorders in a variety of forms. Thus the simple powder may be given in four-grain dose every morning with honey, or one of the following preparations may be used.

Meinem Lehrer und Freund Prof. Wort h ydrar g yrum HgName gegeben von Dioskurides ist ein chemisches Element im Periodensystem der Elemente mit dem Symbol Hg und der Ordnungszahl Nebengruppe Gruppe 12 oder Zinkgruppe. Talk, Glimmer zu abhra n.: Ein dichter, kryptokristallinischer T. FOUR varieties of talc are described by Sanskrit writers, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte, white, red, yellow and black.

Er kristallisiert im orthorhombischen Kristallsystem mit der chemischen Zusammensetzung Sb 2 S 3. Chemisch gesehen ist Stibnit damit ein Antimon III -sulfid auch Antimontrisulfidwenn man Antimon als Metall ansieht. A sulphic of antimony is found at Jaggatsukh Kulu, in the Kangra district, and specimens were sent from Bajaur, and it has been found near Beyla by Major Boyd Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte it occurs massive in Beluchistan just click for source ASIATICA- Roxb.

Besonders zu gottesdienstlichen Zwecken blieb die M. It is said to be useful in fever, epilepsy and uterine affections, but is not much used in practice. The bags or bales which contain the Myrrh, Kupfersulfat treat Schuppenflechte opened in Bombay, are found to be made up of a large proportion of roundish masses of fine Myrrh; a considerable proportion of small.

Als Pigment wird es auch als Pariser RotBleirotGoldsatinoberGoldzinnoberKristallmennigeMineralorangeSandixSaturnmennige und Saturnrot bezeichnet. Blei II,IV -oxid kommt in der Natur in Form des seltenen Minerals Minium vor. BengalenZinn, Blei. The peroxide is found — In veins, where it is intimately mixed with several other metals, as arsenic, copper, zinc, and tungsten,—this is common tin-stone ; and in loose rounded masses, grains, or sand in alluvial soil, in which state it is called stream-tin.

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