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Academic edition Corporate edition. Look Inside Get Access. Find out how to access preview-only content. Chapter Dermatologische Onkologie pp Provided by Book metrix. Reference tools Export citation EndNote. Other actions About this Book Reprints and Permissions.

Share Share this content on Facebook Share this content on Twitter Share this content on LinkedIn. Alexander P, Eccles SA Host factors in metastasis: Alberts DS, Coulthard SW, Meyskens FL Regression of aggressive laryngeal papillomatosis with cis-RA. J Biol Resp Mod 5: Aneskievich BJ, Fuchs E Terminal differentiation in keratinocytes involves positive as well as Psoriasis Retinolacetat regulation by retinoic acid receptors and retinoid X receptors at retinoid response elements.

Mol Cell Biol Psoriasis Retinolacetat R, Orfanos CE Trimethylmethoxyphenyl retinoic acid Ro 10— inhibits mitogen induced DNA- synthesis in peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro. Br J Dermatol Bauer R, Gollnick H, Brand G, Orfanos CE cisretinoic acid modulates the immune response of human blood lymphocytes to Con A and PWM in vitro.

Arch Dermatol Res Bernard BA Adapalene, a new chemical entity with Psoriasis Retinolacetat activity. Skin Parmacol 6 [Suppl 1]: Berne B, Nilsson M, Valquist A UV irradiation and cutaneous vitamin A: J Invest Dermatol Berretti B, Grupper Ch Cutaneous neoplasia and etretinate.

Psoriasis Retinolacetat WJ, Miller AJ eds Retinoid therapy chap. Vit Min Spur 5: Free Rad Res 24 3: Blumenberg M, Connolly DM, Freedberg IM Regulation of keratin gene expression: Bollag W Therapeutic effects Psoriasis Retinolacetat an aromatic retinoic acid analog on chemically induced skin papillomas and carcinomas of mice. Bollag W Prophylaxis of chemically induced epithelial tumors with an aromatic retinoic acid analog Ro 10— Eur J Cancer Psoriasis Retinolacetat Bollag W Retinoids and cancer.

Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 3: Bollag W, Hartmann HR Inhibition of rat mammary carcinogenesis by an Psoriasis Retinolacetat without a polar and group Ro J Clin Oncol Bollag W, Peck R, Frey JR Inhibition of proliferation by retinoids, cytokines and their combination in four human transformed epithelial Psoriasis Retinolacetat lines.

Boutwell RK Retinoids and inhibition of ornithine decarboxylase activity. J Am Acad Dermatol 6: Boutwell RK, Verma AK, Takigawa M, Loprinzi CL, Carbone PP Retinoids as inhibitors of tumor promotion. Saurat JH ed Retinoids: New Trends in Research and Therapy pp 83— Chu EW, Malgren RA An inhibitory effect of vitamin A on the induction of tumors of forestomach and cervix in the Syrian hamster by carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons.

Chytil F, Sherman DR How do retinoids work? Cristofeline M, Zumiani G, Scappini P et al. J Derm Surg Oncol DeLuca LM Retinoids and their receptors in differentiation, embryogenesis and neoplasia. DeLuca LM, Celli G, Psoriasis Retinolacetat K et al. Livrea MA, Vidali G eds Retinoids: From basic science to clinical applications pp — Psoriasis Retinolacetat G Retinoids and the immune system: Sporn MB, Roberts AB, Goodmann DS eds The Retinoids 2 pp Psoriasis Retinolacetat Eccles SA Effects of retinoids on growth and dissemination of malignant tumours: Eckert RL, Green H Cloning of cDNAs specifying vitamin A-responsive human keratins.

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA Edelson Y, Berreti B, Grupper C Treatment of epidermodysplasia verriciformis or multiple Verrucae planae by oral aromatic retinoid Ro 10— - Tigason. Orfanos CE et Psoriasis Retinolacetat. Advances in basic research and therapy pp Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York. Edwards L, Meyskens FL Jr, Levine N The effect of oral isotretinoin on dysplastic nevi.

J Am Acad Derm Eichner R Epidermal effects of retinoids: J Am Acad Dermatol Elias PM, Williams ML Retinoids, cancer, and the skin. Elias PM, Williams ML Retinoids effects on epidermal Psoriasis Retinolacetat. New trends in research and therapy pp Psoriasis Retinolacetat Epstein JH Effects of retinoids on ultraviolet-induced carcinogenesis. Findlay HW, Steuber CP, Ruymann FB, McKolanis JR, Williams DC, Ragab AH Effects of retinoic acid on myeloid antigen and clonal growth Psoriasis Retinolacetat leukemic cells from children with acute non lymphocytic leukemia - a pediatric oncology study.

Psoriasis Retinolacetat E, Green H Regulation of terminal differentiation of cultured human keratinocytes by vitamin A. Fujimaki Y Formation of carcinoma in albino rats fed on deficient diets. J Cancer Res Fulton RA, Souteyrand P, Thivolet J Influence of retinoids Ro 10— on cell-mediated immunity in vivo.

Gilfix BM, Eckert RL Coordinate control by vitamin A of keratin gene expression in human kreatinocytes. J Biol Chem Glass AG, Hoover RN The emerging epidermic of melanoma and squamous cell skin cancer.

Gollnick H, Orfanos CE Theoretical aspects of the use of retinoids as anticancer agents. Marks R ed Retinoids and cutaneous malignancy pp 41— Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford. Gollnick H, Kirsten St Retinoide - what do we know Psoriasis Retinolacetat A review on its mechanisms of actions and main indications. Z Hautkr 71 6: Eur J Dermatol 6: Green H, Watt FM Regulation by vitamin A of envelope cross-linking in cultured kreatinocytes derived Psoriasis Retinolacetat different human epithilia.

Mol Cell Biol 2: Greenberg ER, Baron JA, Stukel TA et al. N Engl J Med Grekin Psoriasis Retinolacetat, Ellis CN, Goldstein NG, Swanson NA, Psoriasis Retinolacetat ThF, Duell EA, Voorhees JJ Decreased urinary polyamides in patients with psoriasis treated with etretinate. Guilhou JJ, Malbos S, Barneon S, Habih A, Daldet P, Meynadier J Epidermodysplasia verruciformis 2 cases. Ann Dermatol Venereol Halliday GM, McKay DA Topical retinoid acid inhibits changes in Langerhans cell density during carcinogenesis.

Hartmann D Retinoids in oncology. Horrisberger M, Bracco H eds Lipids in modern nutrition pp — Haydey RP, Reed ML, Dzubow LM, Shupack JL Treatment of keratocanthomas with oral cisretinoic acid. N Engl Med Psoriasis Retinolacetat Hayes CE, Psoriasis Retinolacetat F, Chun TY, Cantorna M Vitamin A: Regulator of immune function. Livera M, Vidali A eds Retinoids: From basic science to clinical applications pp Holian O, Kumar R Cyclic Psoriasis Retinolacetat and cyclic AMP- dependent protein kinase in mouse skin.

In vitro effects of isotretinoin and etretinate. Hossain MZ, Williams LR, Parmender PM, Loewenstein W, Bertram JS Enhancement of gap junctional communication by retinoids correlats with their ability to inhibit neoplastic transformation. Houle B, Leduc F, Bradley WE Implication of RARB in epidermoid squamous lung cancer. Genes Chromosom Cancer Psoriasis Retinolacetat Hughes BR, Marks R, Pearse AD, Gaskell SA Clinical response and tissue Psoriasis Retinolacetat of etretinate treatment of patients with solar keratoses and basal cell carcinoma.

Imcke E, Detmar Psoriasis Retinolacetat, Ruszcak Z, Orfanos CE Effects of retinoids on cell proliferation and expression of HLA- DR and ICAM-i on Psoriasis Retinolacetat dermal microvascular endothelial cells in vitro.

J Invest Dermatol 95 4: Israili Z, Razdan R, Willis I Effects of vitamin A and analogons on the induction of squamous cell carcinoma in hairless mice Psoriasis Retinolacetat by solar simulated UV- light. Proc Am Assoc Cancer Res Ito Y Effect of an aromatic retinoic acid analog Ro 10— on growth of virus-induced papilloma Shope and related neoplasia of rabbits Eur J Cancer Jablonska S, Obalek S, Wolska H, Jarzabeck-Chrozelska M Ro 10— in epidermodysplasia verruciformis: Advances in basic research and therapy pp — Jetten AM Modulation of cell growth by retinoids and their possible mechanisms of action.

Jetten AM, Kim JS, Sacks PG, Rearick JI, Lotan D, Hong WK, Lotan R Suppression of growth and squamous cell differentiation Psoriasis Retinolacetat in cultured human head and neck squamous carcinoma cells by b-all-trans retinoic acid. Int J Cancer Kanerva LO, Johansson E, Niemi KM, Lauharana J, Salo OP Epidermodysplasia verriformis.

Clinical and light- and electron-microscopic observations during etretinate therapy. Kaplan RP, Russell DH, Lowe NJ Etretinate therapy for psoriasis: Kessler JF, Jones SE, Levine NE, Lynch PJ, Booth AR, Meyskens FL Jr Isotretinoin and cutaneous helper T- Kingston T, Gaskell S, Marks R The effects of a novel potent oral retinoid Ro 13— Psoriasis Retinolacetat the treatment of multiple solar Psoriasis Retinolacetat and squamous cell epithe- Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol Klein AJ, Palmer WL Experimental gastric carcinoma: A critical review with comments on the criteria J Nat Cancer Inst 1: Kraemer KH, DiGiovanna JJ, Moshell AN, Tarone RE, Peck GL Prevention of skin cancer in xeroderma pigmentosum with use of oral isotretinoin.

N Engl J Kochevar IE, Pathak MA, Parish JA Photophysics, McGraw-Hill, New York Krinsky N Antioxidant functions of carotenoids. Free Rad Biol Med 7: Leroy P, Krust Psoriasis Retinolacetat, Kastner P, Mendelsohn C, Zelent A, Chambon P Retinoic acid receptors. Kay G ed Retinoids in normal development and Psoriasis Retinolacetat genesis pp 7— Oxford University Press, New York.

Levine N, Psoriasis Retinolacetat RC, Meyskens FL Jr Oral isotretinoin therapy: Lew-Kaya DA, Sefton J, Krueger GG et al. Lippman S, Kessler J, Meyskens FL Jr Retinoids as preventive and therapeutic anticancer agents. Lippman SM, Meyskens FL Jr Psoriasis Retinolacetat of advanced squamous cell cancer of the skin with isotretinoin. Ann Intern Med 4: Lippman S, Parkinson DR, Itri LM et al.

J Natl Cancer Inst Lippmann SM, Kavanagh JJ, Paredes-Espinoza M et al. Lippman SM, Meyskens FL Jr Results of the use of vitamin a and retinoids in cutaneous malignancies. J Cell Science Lotan R Effects read article vitamin A and its analogs retinoids on normal and neoplastic cells.

Lotan R Relationships among nuclear retinoic acid Livera MA, Vidali G eds Retinoids: From basic science to clinical applikati- Lutzner MA, Blanchet-Bardon C, Puissant A Oral aromatic Psoriasis Retinolacetat Ro 10— treatment of two Psoriasis für seborrheic Heilung Mahrle G Retinoids in oncology. Mahrle G, Thiele B Retinoids and cutaneous T-cell lymphomas. Mahrle G, Berger H DMBA-induced tumors and their prevention by aromatic retinoid Ro 10— Majiewski S, Marczak M, Jablonska S, Psoriasis Retinolacetat L Effects of retinoids on angiogenesis and on the proliferation of endothelial cells in vitro.

Reichert U, Shroot B eds Pharmacology of retinoids in the skin pp 94— Mangelsdorf DJ, Kliewer SA. Recent Prog Horm Res Marks R, Pearse Click at this page, Hashimoto T, Psoriasis Retinolacetat S Overviewe of mode of action of retinoids.

Cunliffe WJ, Miller AJ eds Retinoid therapy: Mathews-Roth MM Photoprotection by carotenoids. Mehta PP, Bertram JS, Loewenstein WR The actions of retinoids on cellular growth Avocado Psoriasis with their actions on gap junctional communication. J Cell Biol Mathews-Roth M, Krinsky N. Carotenoids affect development of UV-B induced skin cancer. Photochem Photobiol ; Meyskens FL Jr, Edwards L, Levine NS Role Psoriasis Retinolacetat topical tretinoin in melanoma and dysplastic nevi.

J Am Acad Dermatol 15,4, Part 2: Meyskens FL Jr Retinoids for the management of human cancer: Livera MA, Vidali G eds Retinoids from basic science to clinical applications pp — Moon RC, McCormick DL, Go here PJ, Shealy YF, Frickel F, Paust J, Sporn MB Influence of retinoic acid amides on urinary bladder carcinogenesis in the mouse. Moon RC, Mc Psoriasis Retinolacetat DL, Mehta RG Inhibition of carcinogenesis by retinoids.

Moriarty M, Dunn J, Darragh A, Lambe R, Brick IH Etretinate in treatment of actinic keratosis: Nakajima M, Lotan D, Baig MM, Carralero RM, Wood WR, Hendrix MJC, Lotan R Inhibition by retinoic acid of type IV collagenolysis and invasion Psoriasis Retinolacetat reconstitued basement membrane by metastatic rat mammary adenocarcinoma Ursache Psoriasis der Ayurveda. Oikawa T, Hirotani K, Nakamura O, Shudo K, Hiragun A, Iwaguchi T A highly potent antiangiogenic activity of retinoids.

Olson JA Some thoughts on the relationship between vitamin A and cancer. Psoriasis Retinolacetat Exp Med Biol Orfanos CE, Ehlert R, Gollnick H The retinoids. Peck GL Synthetic retinoids in dermatology. Sporn MB, Roberts AB, Goodman DS eds The retinoids 2 pp — Pfahl M Retinoide response pathways.

Poddar S, Hong WK, Thacher SM, Lotan R Suppression of type I transglutaminase, involucrin, and keratin Ki in cultured human head and neck squamous carcinoma cells by retinoc acid. Roberts AB, Sporn MB Cellular biology Psoriasis Retinolacetat biochemistry of the retinoids.

Ross AC, Zhao Z, Arora D et al. From Basic science to clinical applications pp — Rowe NH, Gorland RJ The effect of vitamin A deficiency upon experimental oral carcinogenesis.

J Dent Res Rudnicka L, Marczak M, Szmurlo A et al. Russell DH, Haddox MK Antiproliferative effects of retinoids related to the cell cycle-specific inhibition of ornithine für Psoriasis auf der. Ann N Y Acad Sci Psoriasis Retinolacetat Saffiotti U, Montesano Psoriasis Retinolacetat, Sellakumar AR et al.

Schuchter L, Elder D, Elenitsas R, Guerry D, Schultz D, Halpen Http:// A pilot study of retin A in patients with the dysplastic nevus syndrome. Shuttleworth D, Marks R, Griffin PJN, Salaman JR Treatment of cutaneous Psoriasis Retinolacetat with etretinate in renal transplant recipients.

Shiohara T, Kobayashi M, Narimatsu Psoriasis Retinolacetat, Nagashima M Effect of orally administered aromatic retinoid on murine Langerhans cells. Simon M, Green H Enzymatic cross-linking of involucrin and other proteins by keratinocyte particulates in vitro. Sporn MB, Roberts AB Biological methods of analysis and assay of retinoids - Psoriasis Retinolacetat between structure and activity.

Sporn MB, Roberts AB, Good- mann DS eds The Retinoids 1 pp — Sporn MB, Psoriasis Retinolacetat AB, Roche NS, Kagechika H, Shudo K Mechanisms of action of retinoids. Stich HF, Dunn BP Relationship between cellular levels of beta carotene and sensitivity to genotoxic agents.

Struy H, Bohne M, Gerber A, Gollnick H, Morenz G Tsambaos D, Merk H, Bolsen K, Goerz G, Zimmermann B Arotinoid ethyl inhibits induction of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase by DMBA. Tangrea JA, Adrianza ME, Helsel WE, Taylor PR, Hartmann AM, Peck GL, Edwards BK for the Isotretinoin- Basal Cell Carcinoma Study Group Clinical and laboratory adverse effects Psoriasis Retinolacetat with long-term, low-dose isotretinoin: Incidence Psoriasis Retinolacetat risk factors.

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2: Verma AK, Chapas BG, Rice HM et al. White WS, Kim C, Kalkwarf HJ, Bustos P, Roe DA Ultraviolet light-induced reductions in Psoriasis Retinolacetat carotenoid levels.

Am J Clin Nutr Wolbach SB, Howe PR Tissue changes following deprivation of fat soluble A vitamin. J Exp Med Wolf G Multiple functions of vitamin A. Westarp ME, Westarp MP, Bruynseels J, Bollag W, Korn- huber HH Oral Liarozole as a catabolic inhibitor porently increases retinoic acid in vivo: Forst experience from an ongoing therapeutic trial in highly malignant primary brain tumors.

Yuspa SH, Lichti U The regulation of epidermal transglutaminase activity and terminal differentiation by retinoids and phorbol ester.

Zou CP, Clifford J, Xu XC et al. Proc Amer Assoc Cancer Res Claus Garbe 1 Priv. Reinhard Dummer 2 Prof. Roland Kaufmann 3 Prof. Wolfgang Tilgen 4 Editor Affiliations 1. To view the rest of this content please follow the download PDF link Psoriasis Retinolacetat. We use cookies to improve your experience with our site.

Our Content Journals Books Book Series Protocols Psoriasis Retinolacetat Works. Part of Springer Nature.

Psoriasis Retinolacetat Discover A NEW WAY TO AGE –

Der nicht absorbierte Anteil des Psoriasis Armee nehmen wird reflektiert und erscheint als Farbe. Denken wir beispielsweise an die verschiedenen DNA-interkalierenden Wirkstoffe wie die nativen Anthracycline orangerot und Actinomycine orangerot oder das synthetische Psoriasis Retinolacetat tiefblauPsoriasis Retinolacetat als Zytostatika Verwendung finden s.

Wird das einfache 1,4-Benzochinon als Chromophor prenyliert, d. Da alle Ubichinone gleichartig wirken, muss postuliert werden, dass Psoriasis Retinolacetat Wirkung an das Chromophor gebunden ist.

Das denkbar einfachste Naphthochinon-Derivat ist Menadion 2-Methyl-1,4-Naphthochinon, Vitamin K 3 ; Abb. Im Mitomycin C Abb. Worauf beruht die laxierende Wirkung der Anthraglykoside? Bei den DNA-interkalierenden Wirkstoffen mit Anthrachinon-Partialstruktur Abb. Als Prototypen werden hier das Betacarotin, das Lutein Abb. Viele Carotinoide, an der Spitze das Betacarotin, sind physiologisch als Provitamine A von Bedeutung. Vitamin Psoriasis Retinolacetat Retinal, Abb.

Psoriasis Retinolacetat ist Zirrhose Symptome von Pruritus oxidativer Metabolit, der Psoriasis Retinolacetat auch ein Chromophor darstellt. Die Wirkung Psoriasis Retinolacetat aktiven Metaboliten ist an das Psoriasis Retinolacetat gebunden. Antimykotische Polyen-Antibiotika wie Amphotericin B Abb. Man kann also folgern, dass das lipophile Chromophor wesentlich an der antibiotischen Wirkung der Polyen-Antibiotika beteiligt ist.

Nifedipin, Nimodipin, Nitrendipin und viele weitere Dihydropyridin-Derivate Abb. Daran sind die freie NH-Gruppe und eine Carboxylgruppe des Chromophors beteiligt. Die 5-Nitrofuran-Derivate Nitrofural, Nitrofurantoin und Nifuroxazid sowie das 5-Nitroimidazol-Derivat Metronidazol Abb. Das kaliumsparende Diuretikum Amilorid ist ein chloriertes, basisch substituiertes Pyrazin-Derivat und Psoriasis Retinolacetat als Ganzes ein Chromophor dar. Da die Metaboliten des Indolderivats Indometacin Abb.

Die Gyrasehemmer Ciprofloxacin Abb. Das Chromophor stellt demnach ein partielles Prodrug dar. Oxicame vom Typ des Piroxicams oder Tenoxicams Abb. Es ist das 7,8-Dimethyl-isoalloxazin, das ein Redoxsystem darstellt Abb.

Das Corrin unterscheidet sich davon durch das Fehlen einer Methingruppe zwischen Ring A und Ring D und eine geringere Anzahl von Doppelbindungen, was seiner Farbkraft Psoriasis Retinolacetat keinen Abbruch tut.

Azofarbstoffedie heute noch als Arzneimittel verordnet werden, sind Olsalazin und Sulfasalazin Abb. Denn die Farbe Farbigkeit einer Verbindung wird nicht nur durch das darin enthaltene Chromophor bestimmt, sondern auch von Kristallfeld- Beugungs- und Interferenzprozessen beeinflusst. Die gelben Tetracycline Abb. Die Farbigkeit anorganischer Salze und Verbindungen beruht in der Psoriasis Retinolacetat auf der Farbe des darin enthaltenen Metallatoms oder Metallkations, z.

Sie wendet kan Psoriasis Pfirsichöl strength an alle Apothekerinnen, Apotheker und andere pharmazeutische Click at this page. Chinone, Hydrochinone und chinoide Verbindungen Wird das einfache 1,4-Benzochinon als Chromophor prenyliert, d.

Chinone, Hydrochinone und chinoide Verbindungen Ubidecarenon Q Substituierte, farbige Heterocyclen Psoriasis Retinolacetat. Farblacke sind keine Lackfarben und farbige Stoffe noch keine Farbstoffe. Farben in dem, was da kreucht und fleucht. Anthrachinone Emodin Aloeemodin Sennoside. Lutein Zeaxanthin Retinolacetat Vit. A Acitretin Tretinoin Isotretinoin.

Antibiotika Gesund leben mit Elena Malysheva Psoriasis Video B Nystatin. Dihydropyridine Nifedipin Nimodipin Nitrendipin. Furane Nifuroxazid Nitrofural Nitrofurazon Nitrofurantoin. Benzodiazepine Nitrazepam Chlordiazepoxid Midazolam tricyclisch! Cyanocobalamine Vitamine B

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