Bei einer so Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis Pflanze und einem so wichtigen Pflanzenfett Speisefett, Pflegemittel, Heilmittel, Kultische Gabe, Marktware etc. Unsere Paradoxa der letzten beiden Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis kam aus Ghana. Es werden auch bei der Herstellung keine Hilfsstoffe verschiedenste Chemikalien etc. Aber hier haben wir so viele hervorragende Speisefette — wie z. Bei extrem trockener Haut bzw. Hunter vom American Sheabutter Institute und eigene Erfahrung. Achten Sie auch dar- auf, ob Alkohole enthalten sind - sie sind die Konservierungsmittel in den Produkten der zertifizierten Naturkosmetik.

Das sind im allgemeinen Direktimporte. Bei einer Butter der Sorte nilotica ist es z. Auch wenn es gesetzlich Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis verlangt wird: Bei unseren Normaltemperaturen bzw. So kann ich gleichzeitig sehr gut kontrollieren, wieviel ich jeweils entnehme. Folgende Beschreibungen sind mir genannt worden: Sesamum einen bestimmten Geschmack zu erzielen. Am Ende ist das nicht wirklich wichtig, weil der Geruch nach ein paar Minuten verflogen ist. Deswegen habe ich entschieden, nichts dergleichen zuzusetzen.

Dies vor allem, wenn sie als Emollient Dickmacher, Konsistenzgeber und wegen ihrer phantastischen Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis Wirkung in Cremes eingesetzt wird. Wieviel die Haut gerade braucht, ist nicht nur von Mensch zu Mensch Bruch Psoriasis-Behandlung auch je nach Tagesform und Beanspruchung unterschiedlich.

Letztens habe ich einen Tip bekommen: Eine sehr gute Handcreme — und noch eine ganze Menge mehr. In Afrika wird sie nicht nur als Hausmittel, sondern auch von den traditionellen Medizinern, den Heilern, als Heilmittel, zur Narbenbehandlung wie zum Massieren verwendet.

Nein — bis vor kurzem bekamen Fette kein FairTrade-Siegel. Die Details lassen sich bei Interesse auf deren web-site nachlesen. Ja — im Falle unserer aktuellen Nilotica. Ja — inhaltlich betrachtet: Davon profitieren alle Seiten: Was unter anderem die Frage aufwirft: Die Bilder auf dieser Seite sind Ausschnitte aus Stoffen westafrikanischer Herkunft.

Fragen und Antworten - FAQs. Wie ist die Zusammensetzung? Wie kommt es zu read article Geruch? Wieso riecht sie anders als die in Afrika? Zieht sie gut ein? Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis this web page braucht man davon?

Dieser Aspekt von Haltbarkeit spielt also keine Rolle. Aber vermutlich werden Sie sie lange vorher schon aufgebraucht haben. Das kostet die afrikanischen Unternehmen bzw.

Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis

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Published on Feb 10, Krok 2 - Question Paper General Medicine. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis most important slides from a presentation. You can keep your great finds in clipboards organized around topics. SlideShare Explore Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis You.

Krok 2 - Question Paper Gener Show related SlideShares at end. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Krok 2 - Question Paper General Medicine 1. Krok 2 Medicine 1 1. The most likely diagnosis is: Systemic lupus erythematosus SLE Please click for source. Rocky Mountain spotted fever D.

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura E. Appendages are not palpated. Histological test of the uterus body mucosa: Phase by phase vitamin therapy 3. A woman was hospitalised with full- term pregnancy. What is the most probable complication of pregnancy? Premature detachment of the Psoriasis-Arthritis posed placenta B. Back occipital presentation D. Acute hypoxia of a fetus E. By the end of the 1st period of physi- ological labour the clear amniotic waters were given vent.

Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis lasted sec every min. Palpitation of the fetus is bpm. Acute hypoxia of the fetus B. Labors before term C.

Premature detachment of normally posed placenta D. Back occipital presentation E. Ensuring that the airway is open and the patient is oxygenating B.

Inserting a tongue blade C. Injecting 5 mg of diazepam followed by a loading dose of phenytoin E. Inducing pentobarbital coma 6. Which gestational age gives the most accurate estimation of weeks of pregnancy by uterine size? Less that 12 weeks B. Between 12 and 20 weeks C. Between 21 and 30 weeks D. Between 31 and 40 weeks E. Over 40 weeks 7. A number of viable fetuses per women at the age between 15 and 44 is determined by: The pain can be relieved during the day and after physical exercises.

Physi- cal examination revealed reduced mobili- ty in the lumbar part of his spine, increase of muscle tonus in the lumbar area and sluch during moving. X-ray pattern of spi- ne revealed bilateral sclerotic changes in the sacrolumbal part. Uric acid in blood plasma E. The man is conscious. Computer tomography of brain is normal.

The most reasonable measure will be: Krok 2 Medicine 2 A. Introduction of direct coagulants and observation B. Endarterectomy Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis the right carotid artery C. Endarterectomy of the left carotid artery D. Surgical cerebral decompression Skin is warm and dry. Clinical blood analysis revealed absolute granulocytopenia. These hemodynamic changes are most li- kely to be caused by: Endotoxemia with activation Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis complement system B.

Secondary endothelial changes as a result of bacterial lesion A woman in her th week of pregnancy, the second labor, has regular birth activity. Uterine contractions take place every 3 minutes. What criteria describe the beginning of the II labor stage the most precisely? Cervical dilatation no less than 4 cm B. Duration of uterine contractions more than 30 seconds D.

Presenting part is in the lower region of small pelvis E. Rupture of membranes During inspiration there is increase of pulse wave in the region of jugular vein, decrease of peripheral arteri- al pulse and reduction of AP. Respiratory murmurs are unchanged. X-ray pattern of thorax organs has no pecularities.

After introduction of 2 l of isotonic solution the AP stayed low, CVP raised up to 32 cm of water column. Catheterization of left pleural cavi- ty while the outer end of catheter is submerged in water C.

Introduction of peripheral vasodi- latators in order to reduce CVP E. Introduction of Kapseln Psoriasis diuretics in order to reduce CVP A young man has painful Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis ons in the peripapillary regions of both mammary glands.

The most reasonable action will be: To leave these indurations untouched B. To remove them C. To cut and drain them D. To take an aspirate for bacterial inoculation and cytology E. To administer steroids locally The di- scharges are profuse and contain grumes.

Cardiac funnction of the fetus is rhytmic, strokes in the minute, uterus tone is normal. The most probable provisional diagnosis will be: Detachment of normally located placenta C. Disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome A patient is 65 y. He has been a smoker for 40 years. Hew has lost 10 kg during the last 3 months. Complai- ns of pain Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis the epigastric area after taking meals, diarrhea, jaundice.

Physi- cal examination revealed enlarged, pai- nless gallbladder. Feces are light-coloured and clay-like. Blood analysis revealed increased level of whole and direct bili- rubin, alkaline phosphotase and glutami- nepyruvate transferase. Clinical urine analysis showed positive bilirubin reacti- on and negative urobilinogene reaction. Where is the initial process that caused these changes?

Krok 2 Medicine 3 A. In common bile duct C. Abdomen examination reveals no changes in the periods between pain attacks.

Above the right femoral artery a murmur can be auscultated, peri- pheral pulsation in the lower extrimities is weak. X-ray examination of stomach and colonoscopy reealed no changes. What is the leading factor of this pathogenesis? She was taken to the acute care department with complaints of sudden sensation of weakness in the left half of her body and eyeball deviation to the left. What exami- nation of the patient will be a primary task?

Computer tomography of brain B. Magnetic Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis tomography of brain C. Ultrasonic examination of carotid arteries E. Pulse in the a. There is skin coldness and paleness that gradually spreads upwards. These Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis are most likely to be the evi- dence of: Hernia of lumbar disc D.

Thrombophelebitis of deep veins E. ECG registers short paroxysms of ventri- cular tachycardia. The most appropriate measure will be to introduct: What examination will be a primary task?

Blood test for sugar B. Clinical blood analysis C. Plasma electrolytes test D. Gaseous composition of arterial blood E. Blood urea and creatinine test What are the most often symtomps that Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis the malignizati- on?

Skin induration with inverted nipple B. Painful movable induration C. Painless movable induration D. Bloody discharges from the nipple E. Pure discharges from the nipple A patient who takes diuretics has developed arrhythmia as a result of cardiac glycoside overdose.

What is the treatment tactics in this case? Increased potassium concentration in blood B. Increased sodium consentration in blood C. Reduced magnesium concentration in blood D. Increased calcium level in blood E. The patient in Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis postoperative period B.

An amount of bloodsugar C. The patient who has a wound surface E. The patient who was discharged on an after-care The parameter of infantile mortality for Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis last year this web page - 16,3, in present year - 15,7.

Name a kind of the diagram that can be used for a graphic representation of it: Krok 2 Medicine 4 A. Acute pain appears during the probe in ligament projection. What decease is the most likely? Thecal whitlow ligament panaritium B. Articular joint panaritium D. Within 1 year of observation there was one exacerbation of disease. Physical condition is satisfactory. The general state is not infringed. An engineer-chemist at read article age of 47 often fells ill with an occupational skin di- sease.

Who makes a decision to transfer him to other job accepts? A head physician C. The attending physician D. The chief of shop E. A 5 tons milk batch was sampled. The lab analysis revealed: What way is the product to be used in? Sell but inform customers about milk quality B. Discard for animal feeding C. Sell without limitations E. Do the product away An anestesiologist gives narcosis to the patient, he uses a non-reversive contour.

What occupati- onal hazard is the principal one under these conditions? Air pollution with anesthetic B. Improper occupational microclimate C. High level of noise D. Compelled working pose What guarantees against the preconceived attitude to the physician in cases of professional law violations do you know? Draw up a statement about forensic medical examination C. Conduct an inquiry by preliminary investigator of police department D.

Utilisation copy of medical documents E. Conduct forensic medical examination by district forensic medicine expert What surgical care would you provi- de to the patient? Wound bathing with detergent Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis and antiseptic application B. Complete suturing of the wound E. Incomplete suturing of the wound In the right cubital fossa Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis is a trace of injection, hyperemia and Free Juckreiz am ganzen Körper deze along the vein.

What disease is suspected? Krok 2 Medicine 5 A. Perforative gastric ulcer E. A 40 weeks pregnant woman in intri- nsic obstetric investigation: The oxytocin test is Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. Upon inspection at 32 weeks it is revealed: Choose the most correct tacti- cs of guiding the pregnant: Laborstimulation after preparation B.

Strict bed regimen for 1 month C. Complex therapy of gestosis for 2 days D. Cesarean section immediately E. Complex therapy of gestosis for 7 days He has a hi- story of hepatitis B during the last 5 years. The source of bleeding are esophageal vei- ns. Read more is the most effective method for control of the bleeding?

Introduction of obturator nasogastric Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis B. Intravenous administration of pituitrin C. Administration of plasma The rupture of fetal membranes took place 36 hours before labour. The uterus body is soft, tender. Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis are bloody, mixed with pus.

Specify the most probable postnatal complication: Thrombophlebitis of pelvic veins C. Infection of the urinary system E. Apostatis of junctures after the episi- otomy Choose the most suitable investigation: Determination of the level of Gonadotropins B.

USI of organs of a small pelvis C. Computer tomography of the head E. Determination of the contents of Testosteron-Depotum in Serum of blood Reproduction system organs D. The test for tolerance to glucose B. Determination of the contents of fetoproteinum C. Bacteriological investigation of di- scharge from the vagina D.

A cardiophonography of fetus E. USI of the fetus On the clinical examination it was found, that the patient had the closed fracture of medial malleolus without displacement. At right angle with varus positioning of the foot B. In position of pronation D. In position of supination E. The abdomen is painless and soft at palpati- 6. Krok 2 Medicine 6 on. Which disease lead to these symptoms and signs? The patient with acute respiratory vi- ral infection 3-rd day of disease has complaints on pain in lumbar region, nausea, dysuria, oliguria.

Acute interstitial nephritis B. Acute renal failure C. Acute renal colic The accompanied diagnosis is malnutrition of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis degree. Choose the best variant of therapy: Ampiox and Amicacin B.

Macropen and Penicillin C. Penicillin and Ampiox D. Gentamycin and Macropen Bei Verwendung akriderm Psoriasis. Ampiox and Polymixin Today she has low Bewertungen für Psoriasis fever, severe catarrhal presentations, slight maculopapular rash on her buttocks and enlarged occipital lymph nodes.

What is your diagnosis? Headache, weakness, vertigo, tremor of her limbs, ataxia, then mental confusion appeared on the 5th day of illness. Meni- ngeal signs are negative. How can you explain these signs? Minute bright red rash appear in her reddened skin in 3 hours. It is more intensive in axillae and groin. Mucous membrane of oropharynx is hyperemic. Greyish patches is on the tonsills. Submaxillary lymph nodes are enlarged and painful.

What is your di- see more The child has complains of the "ni- ght"and "hungry"abdominal pains. Administer the optimum schemes of treatment: Omeprasole - Trichopolum - Clari- tromicin B.

Maalox - Ranitidin D. Vicalinum - Ranitidin E. He is given natural feeding. How many times per day the infant should be fed? The patient had tooth extraction one month ago.

Petechi- al lesion around the clavicle; spleen was palpable. Krok 2 Medicine 7 A. Subacute bacteria endocarditis B. Recurrence of rheumatic fever C. A patient with nosocomial pneumonia presents signs of collapse. Which of the continue reading pneumonia complications is most likely to be accompanied with collapse?

A fever of C, chest pain which is worsened by breathing, cough, browni- sh sputum appeared on the 7-th day of the treatment. Which of the following is the treatment of choice for this patient? Cephalosporins of the III generation B. Diabetes is being compensated by diet and Maninilum.

Patient has to undergo an operation on inguinal hernia. What tactics of hypoglycemic therapy should be used? Prescribe fast-acting insulin B. Give Glurenorm in place of Maninilum C. Continue with the current therapy D. Prescribe long-acting insulin E. Prescribe guanyl guanidines A patient of 32 y. The thyroid gland is enlarged up to the 3-rd degree, painless, elastic. There are no other abnormalties. Diffuse toxic goiter of the 3-rd degree, thyrotoxicosis of the average degree B.

Diffuse euthyroid goiter of the 3-rd degree C. Chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, hypertrophic type D. Toxiferous adenoma of the thyroid gland What disease should you think about? Lichen ruber planus C.

After a course of treatment with neuroleptics was discharged from hospital with the diagnosis of schizophrenia, state of remission. The secondary prevention of the relapses of schizophrenia requires: Supportive treatment with neuroleptics of prolonged action B. Participation in a self-help group E. What preparati- on is it nessesary to use for the elimination of mercury from the organism?

Sodium hydrate of carbon E. The disease began acutely. The frequent watery stool developed 6 hours ago. Then the vomiting was joined. The pulse Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis frequent.

Blood pressure is low. There is no urine. What is the preliminary diagnosis? Toxic food-borne infection C. Abdomen palpation reveals painfulness in its left half, sigmoid colon is spasmed. What is Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis most probable diagnosis? Malignant tumors of large intestine The patient was admitted to the hospital on the 7-th day of the disease with complaints of high temperature, headache, pain in the muscles, especi- ally in calf muscles.

The dermal integuments and scleras are icteric. There is hemorrhagic rash on the skin. What is the diagnosis? The patient is a worker of cattle-ranch. Carcinoma of skin C. Laboratory investigations reveals a normal platelet count, with haematuria and proteinuria. Psoriasis stationäre Phase most likely diagnosis: Haemolytic uraemic syndrome C.

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura D. Heavy metal poisoning E. Sub acute bacterial endocarditis Whi- Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis of the following medications would be useful in treating both of these conditions: Disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis D. Chronic obstructive emphysema The family doctor examined a patient and diagnosed Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis acute bleeding of an intestine.

The urgent hospitalization in to the surgical department B. Aminocapronic click the following article intravenously C. The urgent hospitalization in to tthe herapeutic department D.

Treatment at a day time hospital E. Treatment at home Choose the action corresponding to this clinical situation: He has been suffering from essential hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Choose medicines for treatment.

Krok 2 Medicine 9 A. Morphine, furosemide, nitroprusside sodium B. Albuterol, atropine, papaverine D. Strophanthine, potassium chloride, plathyphylline E. Hematology shows anemia, leucopenia, lymphopenia; on urinalysis: What is the main mechanism of di- sease development? Production of antibodies to double- stranded DNA B. Production of myocytes antibodies C.

Production of antibodies to endothelial cells D. Production of myosin antibodies E. Production of antimitochondrial anti- bodies There is dullness over the right lung on percussion.

Community-acquired lobar pneumonia with moderate severity B. Acute lung abscess E. Hospital-acquired lobar pneumonia Last week the attacks have repeated every day and become more pai- nful. What diagnostic study would you recommend? Ultrasound examination of the gallbladder B. Liver function tests C. X-ray examination of the gastrointesti- nal tract D. Ultrasound study of the pancreas E.

Blood cell count What treatment would you initiate? Ferrous sulfate orally B. Iron dextrin injections C. Vitamin B12 intramuscularly D. Packed RBCs transfusion She complains of frequent paroxysms of expi- ratory dyspnea. The last paroxysm lasted over 12 hours and failed to respond to theophylline. On auscultation, breath sounds are absent over some areas.

Bronchial asthma, status asthmaticus B. Chronic obstructive bronchitis C. Atopic bronchial asthma, respiratory failure of the III degree D. Bronchiectasis, respiratory failure of the II-III degree E. Ischemic heart disease, pulmonary edema She is ill for 2 weeks Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis acute tonsillitis. Total blood count shows the following: What is a causative agent of the disease? Krok 2 Medicine 10 small physical exertion.

Heart borders are displaced to the left and S1 is accentuated, there is diastolic murmur on apex. The Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis ver is enlarged by 5 cm. What is the cause of heart failure? She had been ill for 2 years. On palpation, there was moderate tenderness in pyloroduodenal area.

Antral gastritis was revealed on gastroscopy. What study can establish genesis of the disease? Revealing of Helicobacter infection in gastric mucosa B.

Detection of autoantibodies in the serum C. Gastrin level in blood D. Examination of stomach secretion E. Examination of stomach motor function A male, 50 y. Si- nce 4 months ago the shapes of the mole become irregular. What diagnostic methods should be used? Fine needle biopsy C. Smear for microscopic examination D. Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis highest risk of congenital anomali- es probably occurs when human embryos or fetuses are exposed to ionizing radi- ation. During which part of gestational period does it occur?

The third trimester Physical examination is otherwi- se normal except for minimal hyperpi- gmentation of the nipples. Congenital adrenal hyperplasia B. Laboratory analysis reveals proteinuria and microhematuria. He is most likely to be affected by: Systemic lupus erythematosus C. Examination in the standing position demonstrates a di- stended vein above and Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis the mass. Krok 2 Medicine 11 There are no other abnormalities on physical examination.

The most likely di- agnosis is: Early deep vein thrombosis C. Examination reveals a cool, pale extremity with absent pulses below the Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis and normal contralateral leg. Dissecting aortic aneurysm What disease is it?

Acute purulent otitis media B. Chronic secretory otitis media D. Chronic purulent otitis media E. Eustachian tube disfunction Body temperature 38, 30neck lymph nodules are slightly enlarged and painful.

Beta-haemolytic streptococcus in swab analysis. Acute membranous tonsilitis B. Acute follicular tonsilitis C.

A Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis is staying in the hospital with the diagnosis of abdominal typhus. As a result the body temperature and rapid pulse decreased and melena appeared. The patients has sustained blunt trauma to the chest.

Which of the followi- ng would most likely be the cause of acute cardiopulmonary collapse? Acute adult respiratory distress syndrome ARDS A patient has got pain in the axillary area, rise of temperature developed 10 hours ago. The painful lymphatic nodes are revealed in the axi- llary area.

The skin is erythematous and glistering over the lymphatic nodes. Acute purulent lymphadenitis C. Within 3 last years he has got loosening of teeth, bone and joint pains, piercing pains in heart region, vomiting.

The Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis diagnosis is: What is the preliminary di- Krok 2 Medicine 12 agnosis? Congenital adrenal hyperplasia E. A patient complains of feeling heavi- ness behind his breast bone, periodical sensation of food stoppage, dysphagy.

During the X-ray examination bari- um contrast revealed a single saccular outpouching of anterodextral ist Bad mit Backpulver und Psoriasis are wall with regular contours and rigidly outlined neck. Cancer of esophagus C. Varix dilatation of esophageal veins E.

Diathermocoagulation of the cervix of the uterus C. Cryolysis of cervix of the uterus Angi- na is less responsive to Nitroglycerinum. Which of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis following diagnosis is most likely? Cardialgia due to spine problem C. Functional Class II angina D. A full-term child survived antenatal and intranatal hypoxia, it was born in asphyxia points on Apgar score.

What localization of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis al hemorrhage is the most probable? Small cerebral tissue hemorrhages C.

Hemorrhages into the brain ventricles The patient 25 y. The day before the patient ate home- made mushrooms. On objective exami- nation: Salmonellosis, gastrointestinal form E. A healthy 75 y. ECG reveals no pathology. What dietary recommendation is the most adequate? Any dietary changes are necessary B. Decrease of cholesterol consumption C. Decrease of saturated fats Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis D.

Decrease of carbohydrates consumpti- on E. Increase of cellulose consumption Laparotomy was Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis to a 54 y. The most appropri- ate intraoperative tactics involves: Krok 2 Medicine 13 A. Ablation of omentum, uterus and both ovaries with tubes B. Biopsy of omentum C. Biopsy of an ovary D. Ablation of an ovary and omental metastases E. Ablation of omentum and both ovaries with tubes Zinkpaste Antworten bei Psoriasis auscultation of a 16 y.

Heart sounds are resonant, rhythmic. Stenosis of pulmonary artery valve C. Defection of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis septum Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis He complains of frequent Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis, dizzi- ness, he takes enalapril. In treatment and prevention establi- shments, regardless of their organisational and proprietary form, the rights of pati- ents should be observed.

The right to the free choice C. The right to the information D. The right to be heard E. The right to the protection from incompetence The sanitary-epidemiological reconnaissance found several water sources. Artesian well water B. Water from melted snow What of the Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis anti- febrile medications are contraindicated to this patient? Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis rate is critical.

The child has indication for Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. What donor blood must be chosen? At year-end hospital administration has obtained the following data: What index of hospital work can be calculated based upon this data?

Bed resources of the hospital C. Average Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis bed occupancy D. Average duration of patients presence in the hospital E. Average Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis idle time He complains of pain in this area. There is microhematuria in the urea. In history there are some pneumonias with Krok 2 Medicine 14 obstruction. Similiar bleedings recur since 12 years on the background of disordered menstrual cycle.

Juvenile bleeding, posthemorrhagic anemia B. Polycyst ovarian syndrome Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. Hormonoproductive ovary tumor E. Noncomplete spontaneous abortion Lately he has been suffering from pain in the right subcostal area and recurrent jaundice.

Stenoutic papillitis 0,5 cm long has been revealed. What is Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis best way of treatment? To perform endocsopic papillosphi- ncterotomy B. To perform external choledoch drainage D. To perform transduodenal papillosphi- ncterotomy E. To perform choledochoduodenostomy Prevalence of a disease in region N amounted occurences Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis of inhabitants. What of the mentioned indi- ces characterizes the disease prevalence? A patient suffers from chronic recurrent pancreatitis with evident di- sturbance of exocrinous function.

After intake of rich spicy food and spirits his stool becomes fatty. Reduced production of what factor Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis the most probable cause of steatorrhea? Acidity of gastric juice D. During the last month there appeared and have been steadily increasi- ng edemata of lower extremities. Secondary renal amyloidosis B. Systematic lupus erythematosus Mi- rrors showed the following: Chrobak and Schiller tests are positive.

Cancer of cervix of the uterus B. Polypus of the cervis of the uterus C. After a long periode of subfebrility a patient registered increase of dyspnea, pain in the right hypochondrium, leg edemata. Ps is bpm, sometimes it di- sappears during inspiration.

Heart sounds are very weakened. ECG showed low- voltage waves of ventricular complex. Cardiac silhouette is enlarged, roundish. What is the most probable di- agnosis? Small-focal Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis infarction C. Metabolic postinfection myocardi- opathy E.

Primary rheumatic carditis Krok 2 Medicine 15 vegetovascular dystonia of pubertal peri- od. He has got sympathoadrenal atack. What medicine should be used for atack reduction?

A patient consulted a doctor about acure respiratory viral infection. The pati- ent was acknowledged to be off work. The patient is not recovering.

What measures should the doctor take in order to legalize the further disability of pati- ent? To send the patient to the medical consultative commission E. To send the patient to the medical social expert comission He has been suffering from chronic bronchitis for many years. Disseminated edemata, skin is dry and pale, low turgor.

Specify the most probable pathological process in kidneys: His anamnesis regi- sters frequent respiratory diseases. Opened arterial duct B.

Interventricular septal defect C. Interatrial septal Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis E. Valvar Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis stenosis A patient was admitted to the hospi- tal with complaints of go here pain in the lower part of abdomen that gets worse during menses, weakness, malai- se, nervousness, dark bloody smears from vagina directly before and after menses.

Bimanual examination revealed that uterus body is enlarged, Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis cannot be palpated, posterior fornix has tuberous surface. Disseminated form of endometriosis B. Tuberculosis of genital organs E.

He suffers from hemophilia B-type. What antihemophilic medicine should be included in pre- and post-operative treatment plan? Fresh frozen plasma B. Fresh frozen blood D. Body temperature isPsoriasis während des Betriebs, Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis face, scleras reddening, tongue tremor, tachycardia, splenomegaly, excitement.

Krok 2 Medicine 16 part of abdomen, fever up Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis 37, 50 C, considerable mucopurulent discharges from the genital tracts, painful urinati- on.

Vaginal examination with mirrors: The uterus is pai- nful, ovaries are painful, Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis forni- just click for source are free.

Bacterioscopy test revealed diplococcus. What diagnosis is the most probable? Recent acute ascending gonorrhea B. An infant is 2 d. Specify, why the gap between antibiotic introductions to the new-born children is longer and dosage is smaller compared to the older children and adults? The newborns have lower concentration of protein and albumins in blood C. The newborns have reduced activity of glucuronil transferase Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. The newborns have diminished blood pH E.

The newborns have bigger hematocrit A district doctor keeps the record of reconvalescents after infectious diseases, people who are disposed to frequent and long-lasting diseases, patients with chronic pathologies. What category Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis patients should belong to the III health group? People with chronic diseases B. People disposed to frequent and long- lasting diseases C. People with chronic pathologies and disposed to frequent and long-lasting diseases D.

Reconvalescents after infectious di- seases and patients with chronic pathologi- es E. All click here mentioned categories Current weight is Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. Evaluate the current weight of the child: Corresponding to the age B. Hypotrophy of the I grade D. Hypotrophy of the II Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis E. Paratrophy of the I grade Ultrasonic sonogram revealed in the enlarged right renal pelvis a hyperechoic mass approximately 1,5 cm large that gi- ves rise to an "ultrasonic track".

Benign tumor of kidney C. Malignant tumor of kidney Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis woman consulted a doctor on the th day after labor Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis sudden pain, hyperemy and induration of the left mammary gland, body temperature ri- please click for source up toheadache, indisposition.

What pathology would you thi- nk about in this case? Lacteal cyst with suppuration C. Fibrous adenoma of the left mammary gland D. Phlegmon of mammary gland His condition has been worsening progressively for a month. Blood has evident pancytopenia. Krok 2 Medicine 17 of the thyroid gland Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis performed. On the 4-th day after the operation the woman had cramps of face muscles and upper extremities, stomach ache.

What is the most probable cause of such conditi- on? Injury of recurrent nerve E. A girl 13 y. Secondary sexual characters are developed.

What is the most probable cause of bloody discharge? What transfusion means shoul be used for blind infusion correction during transportation? Fresh frozen plasma E. In course of observation of sanitary conditions of studying at the technical uni- versity it was necessary to evaluate the vi- sual regimen of students, who study from 9 a.

What index of natural light will be the most informative? Depth of study room D. Time of the room insolation E. Presence of mixed upper-lateral light Disturbed function of pelvic organs. What is the most appropriate therapy in this case? His mood is evidently depressed, anxious. As a result of conti- nious sleeplessness he has got fears, suici- dal Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. He would sit for a long time in the same pose, answer after a pause, in a low, monotonous voice.

His face has a look of suffering, pain, fear. What is the main psychopathologic syndrome? She was repeatedly exposed to treatment in Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis in-patient department. Complains of periodical dull cardiac pain, dyspnea, headache, eyelid edemata, weight loss, pain and deformation of extremities joi- nts. Skin and joints Examination revealed steady enhanci- ng of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis, LE-cells. Krok 2 Medicine 18 A.

Systematic lupus erythematosus B. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis C. Acute lymphoblast leukosis E. What consequences may be caused by such a combination of antibiotics? Antibiotic combination is optimal and absolutely safe E. A patient has been suffering from morning cough accompanied by discharge of small amount of sputum, dyspnea for 8 years.

He has been smoking for 10 years. Chronic obstructive bronchitis B. Chronic non-obstructive bronchitis C. What is the most probable cause of hemodynamic disturbances?

Atrioventricular block type III B. Atrioventricular block type I C. Bradysystolic form of ciliary arrhythmia D.

Complete left bandle-branch block A child is 1 y. Within the last months after the begining of supplemental feeding the child has appetite loss, diarrhea with massive defecation, sometimes vomiting.

Body weight is 7 kg. Evident pallor of skin, leg edemata, enlarged abdomen. Coprogram shows a lot of fatty acids and soaps. The child was diagnosed with celi- ac disease and prescribed gluten-free diet. What shoul be excluded from the dietary intake in this case? Cereals - wheat, oats B. Milk and dairy produce C. Fluorography of a 45 y. He has been smoking for many years. Blood count is unchanged.

Focal Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis tuberculosis B. Peripheral cancer of lung C. Disseminated pulmonary tuberculosis Later on there were recurrences of the disease times a year, during the remi- ssion periods there was constant producti- ve cough. Roentgenography of thorax organs C. Bacterial inoculation of sputum D. ECG showed bradycardia, atrioventricular block type I, high pointed waves T.

What is the most probable cause of these changes? What medication is the most appropriate for treatment? Packed red blood cells D. The disengagement has started. The perineum with the height of 4 cm has grown pale. What actions are necessary in this situation? Vacuum extraction of fetus E.

A doctor of the general practice has registered the following death causes for the previous year: What diagrams will provide the most substantial information about the registered ocurrences? A patient complains of nycturia, constant boring pain in perineum and suprapubic region, weak urine jet, frequent, obstructed and painful urinati- on. He has been ill for several months, pain in perineum appeared after getting problems with urination. What disease can it be? Cancer of prostate B.

Urolithiasis, stone of the right lobe of prostate D. Chronic congestive Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis Blood has no pathologies. Link was diagnosed with right-sided trifacial neuralgia.

Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis medi- cation should be prescribed? The process is also accompanied by intense itching. Common contact dermatitis E. On percussion there is tympani- tis above the right half of chest, on auscultation - stongly diminished breath sounds; accent of the II heart sound above the pulmonary artery.

What is the main emergency action at the pre-admission stage? Air aspiration from the pleural cavity B. Calling a cardiological brigade E. She suffers from ischemic heart disease, postinfarction and read more cardi- osclerosis. Laparoscopy revealed a small amount of muddy effusion in abdominal cavity, one of the loops of small intestine is dark-cyan.

Krok 2 Medicine 20 A. Thrombosis of mesenteric vessels B. Acute intestinal obstruction D. Ischemic abdominal syndrome E. What are these symptoms caused by? Saggital suture is in the straight diameter, small crown is near symphysis. What is the further tactics of handling the delivery?

Use of obstetrical forceps B. Stimulation of labour activity by Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis C. Use of cavity forceps But on the 7-th day the pati- ent developed nausea and bradycardia. What is the most probable cause of di- goxin intoxication?

Disturbed elimination of the medicati- on by kidneys B. Too long intake of saturating dose C. Exceeding daily saturating dose D. Disturbed metabolism of digoxin in liver E. A patient who has been contacti- ng with benzol for 6 years has a nonevident leukopenia, moderate reti- culocytosis, gingival hemorrhage, dizzi- article source, asthenovegetative syndrome.

What a severity degree of chronic intoxication with benzol corresponds with described symptoms? Disease is not connected with work conditions E. He never consulted psychiatri- sts. Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis complains of headache, sensation "as if something bursts, moves, bubbles under his skin". What is the most probable psychopathologic symptom in this case?

He has been suffering from ulcer for 11 years. His diagnosis is right-sided hemarthros of knee joint, retroperitoneal hematoma. What should be primarily prescribed? On the 3-rd day the cough grew worse, dyspnea appeared. Krok 2 Medicine 21 wheezing rales during expiration. Acute respiratory viral infection, bronchiolitis B.

Acute respiratory viral infection, bronchopneumonia C. Acute respiratory viral infection, bronchitis D. Acute respiratory viral infection, bronchitis with asthmatic component E.

Acute respiratory viral infection, focal pneumonia A worker at a porcelain factory who has been in service for 10 years complains of cough, dyspnea, ache in his chest. What occupational disease are these complaints most typical for?

Chronic dust bronchitis D. Occupational bronchial asthma E. Chronic cor pulmonale Mother of a newborn child suffers from Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis pyelonephritis. She survi- ved acute respiratory viral infection di- rectly before labour. Delivery was at term, the period before discharge of waters was prolonged.

On the 2-nd day the child got erythematous Psoriasis zu Distel behandeln, later on - vesi- cles about 1 cm large with seropurulent content.

Dissection of vesicles results in erosions. The child is inert, body Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis is subfebrile. Medical examination of a man revealed "geographic tongue". Vitamins of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis group B. What medication provides pathogenetic treatment of this patient? What mechanism of hypertensive atack does this patient have?

Increasing of catecholamines concentration B. Click the following article of aldosterone level in blood C. Increasing of plasma renin activity D. Increasing Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis vasopressin excretion E. Increasing of thyroxine excretion A child was born with body weight g and body length 52 cm. The child is breast-fed, occasionally there are regurgi- tations. What is the cause of regurgitati- ons? A patient with hepatic cirrhosis drank some spirits that resulted in headache, vomiting, aversion to food, insomnia, jaundice, fetor hepaticus, abdominal swelling.

What complication of hepatic ci- rrhosis is meant? Hemorrhage from varicosely dilatated veins of esophagus C. Acute stomach ulcer E. Thrombosis of mesenteric vessels On the 4-th day of injections a 60 y. Body temperature is 37, What action is necessary to di- Krok 2 Medicine 22 agnose an abscess?

Clinical blood analysis Heart is both ways enlarged. Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis sounds are muted. Liver is 6 cm below the costal margin. The major repair of a Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis included renewal of colour design of hospital premises because it is of great psychological and aesthetical importance; and so the walls of patient wards will be painted under consideration of: Diseases of patients who will be staying in these wards D.

Creation of cozy atmosphere Functional characteristics of physical development are below average. Physical development of this child can be estimated as: Atmospheric air of an industri- al centre is polluted with the following wastes of metallurgical plants: The effct of these hazards can be characterized as: X-ray pattern of thorax organs revealed a large intensive inhomogeneous opacity with indistinct outlines on the ri- ght side at the level of the 4-th rib.

In the centre of this opacity there is a horizontal level and clearing of lung tissue above it. What disease does this X-ray pattern correspond with?

Abscess of the right lung B. Tuberculoma of the right lung D. The rash appeared a few days after attending sport centre and sauna. She needs blood transfusi- on. What group Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis donors can be involved? Donors of rare blood groups B. Donors of active group C. He was pale and exhausted. In both cases the transfusion had to be stopped because of development of anaphylactic reaction.

What transfusion medium would be advi- sable in this case? Krok 2 Medicine 23 A. Fresh citrate blood C. Erythrocytic mass native D. Erythrocytic mass poor in leukocytes and thrombocytes In course of operation multiple ruptures of spleen and small intestine were revealed. AP is falling rapidly, it is necessary to perform hemotransfusion. A doctor of any speciality Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. A laboratory physician C. On the face there are acne vulgaris, on the skin - striae cutis distense.

Psychological and intellectual development is normal. At the end of the lesson she suddenly lost consciousness and fell down. There are no evi- dent injuries. What is the provisional di- agnosis? Long QT syndrome Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. A newborn child has purulent di- scharges from the umbilical wound, skin around the umbilicus is swollen.

Body temperature Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis of hectic nature. Hemorrhagic disease of newborn C.

Hemolytic disease of newborn D. Elderly people develop tumors more frequently. One of the main causes is: Decreased activity of cellular immunity B. Decreased intensity of antibodies formation C.

Increased disfunctioning of mitoses D. Increased activity of cellular immunity E. Increased intensity of antibodies formation There was acute onset of the illness. In the past there were similar attacks lasting days without residual changes in the joint.

What is the most likely diagnosis? He complains of unpleasant sensations in the heart region, pain in the epigastrium, dizziness, vomiting. Heart borders are within the normal range. The paroxysm can be suppressed by: A child is 2 m. The rash has appeared during the week. Vesiculation and wetting are absent. Krok 2 Medicine 24 A. Complicated course of scabies Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis The pain increases during changing body position and also in the upright Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. Examination revealed positive symptoms of tension.

Pathology of intercostal disks B. Spinal cord tumor C. What is the most appropri- ate treatment tactic for prevention of acute pleural empyema?

Surgical removal of clotted hemothorax B. Treatment by pleural punctions C. Complex conservative therapy D. Passive drainage of pleural cavity E. Active drainage of pleural cavity An aircraft factory processes materi- als with use of lasers.

It is determined that the device radiates in the light spectrum and that levels of laser radiation at the workplaces exceed the alarm level. At a machine-building plant the casts are cleaned by means of abrasion machi- nes that are Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis source of local vibration.

Use of gloves that reduce vibration B. Preliminary and periodical medical examinations C. Warm hand baths E. Giving sanitary instructions to the workers After delivery and revision of placenta there was found the defect of placental lobe. Inspection of birth canal with mirrors shows absence of lacerations and raptures.

What action is nesessary? Manual exploration of the uterine cavity B. External massage of Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis C.

Use of uterine contracting agents D. Urine drainage, cold on the lower abdomen E. Use of hemostatic medications He has been ill for 5 months. Vocal tremor over the right lung cannot be determined, percussion Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis is dull, breathing cannot be auscultated.

Focal pulmonary tuberculosis E. How is Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis effect Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis environmental factors called? Delay of menstruation is 3 weeks. Bimanual examination revealed that uterus is a little enlarged, Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis, movable, painless. Krok 2 Medicine 25 A. Progressing tubal pregnancy B. Interrupted tubal pregnancy C. Cyst of the right ovary D. Choose the way of treatment: Labour activity began 6 hours ago.

Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis is in higher tonus, head of the fetus is above the opening into the small pelvis. Head is level with opening into the small pelvis, it is being pushed off. Discoordinated labour activity B. Secondary powerless labour activity C. Pathological preliminary period Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis. Primary powerless labour activity E.

Normal labour activity A primigravida woman appealed to the antenatal clinic on the Anamnesis registered that her last menstruation was on the 4. Bimanual examination revealed that uterine servix is intact, external fauces is closed, uterus is enlarged up to the 9-th week Mandelöl Psoriasis pregnancy, movable, painless. What complication can be suspected? Risk Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis abortion in the 9-th week of pregnancy B.

Abortion that started Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis the 9-th week of pregnancy C. On the th day after a minor trauma of the right foot a patient felt malai- se, fatigability, irritability, headache, high body temperature, feeling of compressi- on, tension and muscular twitching of his right crus. Anaerobic gas gangrene C. Thromboembolism of popliteal artery What complication of the fracture is it? Soft tissue phlegmon D.

Medical examination of a please click for source y. The total area of ground intended for building of a regional hospital is 2,0 hectare. What is the highest possible capacity of the in-patient hospital that can be built upon this ground?

Over beds She consulted a doctor with a question about possibility of having a chi- Krok 2 Medicine 26 ld. What can be advised in this case? Induction of ovulation A worker diagnosed with "acute dysentery"was sent to the infectious department by a doctor of aid post.

What document should be used for registration of this disease? Urgent report on infectious disease B. Statistic card of the patient who left in-patient hospital. Start clipping No thanks. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want Stearin- Stelle in psoriasis go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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